The segmentation analysis identifies four key behaviourally-based segments and raises

Segmentation analysis identifies four behaviour-based segments. It also raises the possibility that intervention strategies could be usefully added to those already in place. It also shows the potential for more partnership collaboration to reach those in each segment that exhibit sub-optimal sun protective behaviours.

1.How closely do their aims, and objectives, overlap with each other and the partnership?

2. What specific involvement do they have/want them to have?

3. Level of accountability within the organisation

4. Support senior management within the organisation

5. What data/information can they provide?

6. What resources can they provide?

7. Are there ethical concerns?

8. Are there ethical issues?

9. How successful was your previous activity with the partner? What problems were encountered? These problems are likely to occur again.

10. How important is this for the future success and viability of the partnership?

11. How can problems be solved?

12. How can success be measured?

13. How flexible and adaptable can they be in the face of unexpected problems?

14. What contingency plans should you have in the event of a problem?

Answer to Question 1

This activity aims to reduce sunburns in people who travel to foreign countries. This intervention aims to lower the tourist’s tan and promote their health. The tourism company also strives for healthy tourism.

Answer to Question 2

These interventions should be geared towards raising awareness about the dangers of sun radiation causing skin cancer. Tourism should actively participate in raising awareness so that customers can carry enough sunscreen in their travel bags. Encourage them to use them regularly.

Answer to Question 3

The organization should have sufficient responsibility for the intervention measures. Employees of the company should be informed about the dangers of prolonged sun radiation exposure. It is their responsibility to inform customers about the dangers of sun radiation.

Answer to Question 4

Senior management should support the implementation of measures to reduce skin cancer. Employees should support senior management’s decision to provide sunburn protection for customers.

Answer to Question 5

Management should be proactive in preventing sunburns. Customers should have access to a range of information in order to establish the link between UV radiation and skin cancer. Management should encourage travelers to take part in water-based activities when there is enough shade. Travelers should be aware that peak sun hours should be avoided.

Answer to Question 6

They should be able provide valuable information and resources to customers to help them protect themselves against the damaging effects of the sun radiation. They must not only inform passengers, but also provide appropriate samples to encourage sun protection. You can offer sun protection shades, sunscreen lotion sachets, oil pouches, and other items that will encourage travelers to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun.

Answer to Question 7

The intervention of skin cancer may raise ethical questions. Because of the risk of losing revenue, the partners might be reluctant to inform travelers about the dangers of aquabathing. If enough precautions are taken from an organizational perspective, this aspect can be solved. It is essential to conduct business ethically. Answer to Question 8 The partner’s previous activity was highly successful in decreasing the incidence of skin cancer. To achieve the intervention program’s goals, the partner is very cooperative with consumers. They are open to taking initiative in increasing customer awareness by using multiple tools. This has helped the intervention program to be successful.

Answer to Question 9

Several issues occurred during the intervention program. Communication issues, lack coordination among team members, and poor planning were some of the problems encountered during the intervention program. These issues are likely to be repeated during the intervention. These issues are crucial for achieving the intervention goals. This is crucial for the success of the partnership as it will increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. Answer to Question 10 For the intervention to succeed, coordination and control are crucial. The partner organization should determine the amount of control they should exercise over the organization. There should also be an adequate balance between the control and the organization. It should not be too much control, and it should not be lacking in control. The partner organization should be informed about the level of control and should agree to the terms and conditions.

Answer to Question 11

Problems that might arise between intervention programs need to be addressed immediately. Although partner companies may not be keen to run awareness programs, they should be educated about the benefits of these interventions. They would have a positive brand image, which would be a benefit for their partner companies. Both companies must resolve issues related to skin cancer treatment.

Answer to Question 12

Screening rates that are successful and dependent on the success of interventions will be used to measure the success rates. The number of people who have experienced minimal sunburn after returning from vacations or overseas trips should be used to measure the success rates. This should be measured both by the host organization and the partner organization who are in direct contact the travelers.

Answer to Question 13

It is expected that the partnership process will be flexible and adaptable enough to handle unexpected problems. If the travelers forget to bring their sunscreen on holiday, then the partnership should provide them with adequate advice about how to protect themselves against the harmful sun.

Answer to Question 14

A contingency team should be formed to contact customers while they travel to different locations. They should also be able to contact vendors in foreign countries in order to assist their customers in any emergency. To meet customer needs accurately, the contingency team must be available 24X7. Refer to Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK. Godic, A.; Poljsak (B.), Adamic, M., and Dahmane (R.), 2014. Antioxidants and skin cancer treatment. 2014, Oxidative medicine. Cellular longevity. Kornek T. and Augustin M., 2013. Prevention of skin cancer. Epidemiology and treatment of skin cancer. Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Skin Cancer (pp.

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