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This report analyzes the communication role within an organization.

Every business needs communication.

Communication is essential for any business. It allows an organization to communicate its goals with all employees and motivates them towards achieving the goal.

Communication is an essential component of every organization.

This technique allows two or more people to exchange ideas and messages.

Kellogg was responsible for analyzing communication benefits.

Kellogg’s most important tool to market its products in the marketplace is communication.

From a commercial perspective, communication’s main purpose is to build and maintain strong relationships with customers, so that customers can instantly recognize the company and make future purchases.

Overview of the Company:

Kellogg’s is a leading manufacturer of breakfast foods and ready-to-eat snacks.

You can find many breakfast options, such as waffles and cereal bars.

Currently, the company employs around 32,000 people. It also operates its business in more than 180 countries.

Company has made great profits over the years.

The company’s brand includes apple jacks and froot loops as well as Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Pringles, morningstar farms, nutria-grain, and cheez-it eggo (Kellogg 2008).

The company has a production plant in 18 countries.

It was founded in 1906.

The company has been able to make great profits over the years.

It is also a strong organization culture.

These are the main goals of the company:

Fitness programs

Organizational Communication Principle

Formal communication:

This principle of communication is used by every organization to communicate with employees and get their feedback.

This organization communicates information and orders in a formal manner and according to its organizational structure (CIM 2004).

The Kellogg’s has adopted this communication style.

Kellogg’s organizational chart shows how communication flows downwards to upward, and vice versa. For example, upward (manager to staff0) and downward (staff0 to manager0).

Informal communication:

Informal communication is a common practice in all organizations.

Informal communication is something that happens unconsciously, but it’s something that every organization does on a daily basis.

Informal communication is a form of informal communication that can be found in casual colleagues or office grapevine.

Kellogg also experiences informal communication within its business structure (Mintel 2008).

Many employees communicate informally with their colleagues or friends about information concerning the company.

Interpersonal communication

Telecommunications and online communication are a part of interpersonal communication.

This allows parties to communicate face-to-face.

This allows the company to quickly communicate news and information (Griffin et. al., 2010).

Kellogg’s uses this technique to motivate employees and solve problems.

This category reduces time and costs.

Organisational Culture

The organization culture is a network that helps employees understand and respect the company’s norms and standards.

A well-established culture is more attractive to employees and increases their productivity.

This communication principle motivates Kellogg’s employees to follow the company’s guidelines and increase productivity.

As these communication principles can be used by any company, employees will feel motivated without having to spend additional cost.

Kellogg’s faces strong competition from Kraft and general Mills.

Kellogg operates in two main areas: snack sectors and cereal products.

General Mills is closer to Kellogg than the latter in terms of competition because the products they offer are very similar to Kellogg’s (Wilcox & Reber, 2016).

The company is third in terms of size of revenue and global market share.


Net Revenue

International Revenue

Gross Margin

This table shows that the company has very little revenue compared to other companies.

Kellogg could focus on nutrition values, healthier products and balanced diet to improve customer perceptions and convince them that the company’s product is better (Datamonitor 2008).

Organisational Communication Campaign

A way to communicate a brand or product is to make sure that customers can relate it to a specific buying activity.

It must be prepared in a way that customers can recognize it within multiple products (Putnam & Nicotera 2009).

It should be positive and include a message that promotes social needs.

A communication campaign’s main goals are to influence and inform consumers.

Here is an analysis of the Kellogg communication campaign:

Kellogg spends approximately 12% on promotions, which is roughly equal to $1.4 million.

The advertising is also focusing on many markets to achieve the brand’s objectives.

Kellogg spent over euro 5 million a year to promote the product “K”.

This product was promoted with the slogan “Drop a Jean Size” (De Pelsmacker Geuens, Van Den Bergh 2007).

The company’s other products are also promoted creatively, such as tigers to attract children.

Communication accounts for at least 27% (Tench & Yeomans 2009).

Kellogg highlighted the health benefits of its products and stated that it would not harm children.

This shows that children can benefit from the company’s media promotions.

Kellogg places emphasis on packaging design to appeal to a younger, more youthful audience.

Specially designed packaging for cereal brands is bright and attractive for children.

The company made it clear that the packaging should not harm the company’s healthier benefits (Fill 2006).

Kellogg products’ packaging contains detailed information on how the products can satisfy nutritional value and balanced diet requirements.

Sponsorship is a great way to promote your business.

Kellogg is currently sponsoring events that promote healthy eating habits and working with partners like YMCA, Healthy Kids and other organizations to help children exercise (Oliver 2008).

This informs the customer about the company’s concern about children’s health and the benefits of exercise, which in turn increases their fitness.

The technology advancements have given the communication campaign many opportunities to promote the product (Kolter Wong, Saunders, Armstrong, 2005).

Kellogg made great use of online marketing to promote its product and attract customers.

Promotion is centered on the company’s official website

The company’s online presence also assists in achieving its goals, such as weight loss, health, nutrition, balance diet, and fitness.

The company’s online marketing is making it easier for customers to purchase Kellogg products.

Brand Identity

Kellogg’s brand name has been associated with breakfast cereals for many years (Prehofer and Bettstetter 2005).

To reflect the company’s growing goals, the brand identity was modified to include the fitness and health options.

This new identity is helping the company attract more customers.

Promotions by the company have created a brand image for the company in the minds of customers as healthy and nutritious food.

The company’s other products have been targeted to the right market.

The market campaign by Kellogg has been very successful in increasing the company’s market share and net profit.

Public relations department is also known as PR department.

This department communicates with the public and informs customers about changes within the company. They also maintain relationships with customers.

This study has focused on the Kellogg PR Department (Messina 2007, 2007).

According to the PR principles that have been studied, the PR department at Kellogg was analyzed.

The PR department deceives when they release news about the company.

This only makes matters worse.

To improve public relations, the company must be proactive (Kellogg 2008).

Contact Information:

This principle states that all pieces sent to the company’s PR department must include contact information.

The Kellogg PR Department doesn’t take this seriously and does not provide contact information for every paper.

Information for Target:

The company’s PR department uses the most expensive way to notify customers about changes, such as press releases or media. (Kapferer 2008).

The company could also use the cheaper way to get the information out.

Although a great photo with a caption line can help the PR department convey the information, Kellogg prefers to use the most expensive ways to do so.

Media Relations

The company’s PR department does not do a good job in media relations.

This results in a high company cost and a diverted message (Tse & Viswanath 2005).

While the tools must be suitable for communicating the details, the Kellogg PR department doesn’t pay more attention to it and uses random tools to communicate the information.

The timing of the company’s announcements is poor.

The PR department sends the wrong message every time, which can impact on the sale of the company.

Keep active

The company’s PR department is not very active.

They wait until a specific moment before sharing the information, rather than sharing it at the right time.

This is the message of no meaning (Johnson Scholes and Whittington 2007, 2007).

Fact checking:

After verifying its accuracy, a message should always be sent.

The company’s PR department communicates it without verifying its accuracy. Sometimes, the information communicated is inaccurate.

To increase the company’s market share, goodwill and turnover, it is recommended that the PR department be improved.

Ethical Issues

An ethical problem is a situation in which an organization or individual must choose among many options that can be deemed wrong or right.

The PR department at the company isn’t performing well and faces many problems in relation to customers (Broadbent 2013, 2013).

Techniques for solving problems

Companies could use the following technique to address ethical issues within their business, so that they can have a stronger relationship with customers.

Virtue Theory

This theory is one of many best ways to solve ethical problems in an organization.

This theory states that one can resolve ethical issues by looking at the situation and asking himself or herself what a great person would do.

This theory describes the timeless virtues of wisdom, faith and courage, which are cross-cultural virtues.

The Kellogg could adopt this theory to address ethical concerns in its PR department.

The company’s top management could inquire about the problems from the PR department (Breit & Demetrious 2010, 2010).

It is important to identify the root cause and reason for such problems.

This will help managers identify the root causes of PR problems.

The company could apply this theory as follows:

The management could have a one-to-one meeting with all members of the PR department to discuss the reasons.

It is important to fully understand the reason.

The company could assist employees in resolving their issues or making them understand the situation by offering them options or situations to overcome the problem (Guth & Marsh 2016, 2016).

This theory could be used to help companies resolve their PR issues and improve the relationship with customers.

This would allow the company to improve communication with customers, suppliers, goodwill on the market, share price, and sales revenue.

This report shows that there are many organizational principles an organization can implement to increase its market share and revenue.

Kellogg’s has conducted a study to determine the organization communication principle and its benefits.

Communication is an essential element in every organization, it has been proven.

Kellogg is one of the top three companies when it comes to breakfast cereals and breakfast foods.

This company has earned $10906 million in this sector.

A good communication campaign could increase the company’s revenue and market share.

This study has examined the communication campaigns of Kellogg.

This analysis revealed that Kellogg uses the most effective communication style to promote the company’s product.

To promote the product in the target market, company has concentrated on the key features.

The company’s main principles are not being followed by Kellogg’s PR team, which means that Kellogg is not performing well in its PR department.

To improve its relationship with customers and suppliers, the PR department at Kellogg must make changes to the method.

The company was offered some techniques to improve its PR department and to resolve ethical problems.

The company has been given steps to follow in order to increase its revenue.

The report reveals that communication is an important part of any business.

It is impossible for any company to remain competitive in the market without communication.

A company that uses communication methods in the best way can increase its market share and improve the productivity of its employees.

It could be concluded that communication plays an essential role in every company.

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