Strategic Management Plan for Efficient Organization

Many experts hold the view that strategic planning is an essential parameter in good governance and management. The plan helps in affirming that an institution remains alert, responsive, relevant to the obligations, and able evaluate outcomes and effects. It allows an organization to anticipate the future in a very systematic manner. Planning also enables an institution to highlight policies and objectives that can drive the team and offer a clear focus on the staff and the executive for program formulation and implementation. It incorporates measurable issues, which are pragmatic and obtainable. In this case, the emphasis lies upon long-term objectives and strategies, contrary to focusing on short-term goals. Therefore, strategic management forms a critical ingredient that enables progressive planning and assessment of necessary actions that steer an organization towards actualizing its objectives.

The success of a team requires a long-term plan in a changing environment. The influx of Hispanic community would impact on the needs, priorities, and objectives of an institution. Consequently, the organization needs to address target group, goals, and the organization missions that work towards achieving the plan. The convention of a planning association was to bring together the Hispanic community, the staff, and the Board to address the issue of the population. Identification of additional partners that could be most affected by the population increase, key people to the initiative, and then determining and analyzing the problem would assist in planning (Austin, 2016).

Firstly, there would be the description of the vision of the initiative that defines the dreams for the Hispanic community like a safe neighborhood, the successes they would like to have, the creation of a caring community and the aspirations of the people in case things remain constant; for instance, health for the community. Any change in the population would call for a review in the vision statement of the health organization. Listing the vision and mission statement proposed by the participants would help in selecting a vision that would be embraced by the community (Ebener and Smith, 2015). It is also essential to evaluate if everyone’s voice is given a platform.

Stating the mission of plans the organization has established to tackle the rise in population and the particular purpose of the Hispanic group. The task discusses the essence of the agency and inquiry of its current critical activities, programs, and core functions. The statement should place a single line that captures the primary purpose; for instance, promoting healthy Hispanic families through community support. The mission statement can also be recalled to ensure that it gives transparent regard to the intentions of the organization; it should also be outcome-oriented and concise.

The plan should state the goals of the community and the institution, putting benchmarks that help monitor where the organization is at the moment and where it would wish to be in the future. Setting population-level targets and the community indicators that would be witnessed if the group realizes the community needs. Nonetheless, scrutinize the objectives whether they are measurable, relevant, achievable, and specific (Grunig & Kuhn, 2015). Finally, ensure flexibility with deadlines in the making of the targets.

Another aspect is identification of the steps of actions to be followed by the Hispanic community (might be asked to undertake particular roles in order to realize the process). The changes in the policies and program, the person tasked with what activity, the time of completing the intervention, and the resources needed to address the challenge of population influx. Finally, the scrutiny of the plan of action should be done at regular intervals to handle the growth of the community and other changes that might arise in the future.

In conclusion, assessment of a strategic plan for a problem helps create completeness, clarity, sufficiency, and flexibility as the process unfolds to meet the set objectives. Communicating the policies intended to indicate who should know the organization’s mission, strategies, and action plans that describe how the institution will convey the new framing of what it undertakes. These are the vital component to realizing successful strategic planning.

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