Stages of the Dying Process

Chapter questions

  1. The dying process has different stages, as explained through various models. However, Kubler-Ross highlighted a basic model that incorporates the following five stages. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance (Kübler-Ross 18-29).
  2. Denial: The stage is considered the immediate natural response to the news, reality, or information and regards the conscious or unconscious refusal of acceptance.
  3. Anger: The emotional upset may cause the person to be temperate towards self or others.
  • Bargaining: The stage involves approaching God (or the deity believed in) and seeking to settle a bargain against the reality of death.
  1. Depression: The stage precedes acceptance of the death and involves the feeling of sadness, uncertainty, regrets, and fear.
  2. Acceptance: The stage brings about objectivity in reasoning and often comes with emotional detachment.
  3. The term E-waste refers to the electronic waste materials, which compose mostly of the electronic devices or the discarded electrical devices. The electronics, which are collected and destined for re-use, recycling, salvage, or even disposal, are constituents of the e-wastes. The informal processing or disposal of the wastes contributes to an increasing challenge to environmental health. It is worth noting that most electronic devices contain harmful components such as radioactive compounds, hence, contributing to greater health challenges. However, some countries increasingly seek the e-wastes for recycling, salvage, and re-use to prevent the local resources from depletion. Other uses are in generating electricity, especially for large quantities of the radioactive components. Others are used in advancing scientific research, as the raw materials would be considered less expensive.
  4. While individual trade between consulting physicians for self-treatment, one would note that such would pose considerable threats and hence would be highly discouraged. There are various reasons why an individual would opt to consult a physician as against treating self (Perez-Pinzon, Luz and Elisabeth 3-35)
  • High success rates: Unlike the alternative medicine used by the different individuals, consulting the practicing physicians contributes to increased success rates.
  • Professionalism: Practicing physicians illustrate high levels of professionalism, hence more desirable than self-care.
  • Efficiency: In matters of resource utilization and cost management, consulting professionals ensures higher efficiency.
  • Improvement and consistency: Physicians observe a high degree of consistency, contributing to better health results than self-care.
  • Clinical guidelines: The physician care observes scientifically proven guidelines, ensuring good results are realized.
  • Medical research: While the physicians are guided by reliable scientific research, the self-care would involve much of presumed effective medical practices.
  • Hazards: Physician administered care would pose fewer health risks than the self-care, which is considered highly hazardous.
  • Recommendations: While the physician administered care often has recommendations, the self-care would lack such important aspect.
  • Competency: Medical practitioners would develop competence through practice, which contributes to improved effectiveness, a situation that would be lacking in self-care.
  • Bundling of services. In fact, for the physician’s care, the services offered to patients are diverse since the individuals will benefit from both the counseling and medication, among other services. In fact, as compared to self-care, such aspects of care would not be available.
  1. There are various complementary and alternative medicine types, including Acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, massage, and the Chinese oriental medicine (Perez-Pinzon, Luz, and Elizabeth 3-35).
  2. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves inserting thin needles into the patient’s body at the acupuncture points.
  3. Homeopathy: A system of alternative medicine based on the belief that “like” would cure “like”; therefore, the substance causing a health problem would be considered effective in treating the condition.
  4. Chinese or Oriental medicine: Medical Modern practices of the East borrowed from ancient Chinese medical practices.
  5. Naturopathy: A medical intervention system that regards nature, included curative properties. Such would explain the use of herbs and other natural features.
  6. Massage: This medical practice involves working or applying pressure on the body for medical purposes.


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