Responsibility Of A Career Counsellor

Table of Contents


1) Identify Career Counselling Theories. How can these Theories be used to explain John’s Situation.

2) Describe to John your professional and ethical responsibilities throughout the sessions as the Attending Career Counsellor.

3) Identify the purpose of objective assessments and how it has contributed to your assessment of the situation.

4) Considerations about Objective Testing, i.e.

Before, during, and after the Counselling Session.

To assess John, you will need to recommend the specific test instrument and explain how it impacts the reliability and validity the Counselling Session.



Career counseling is the process of helping people choose the best career path for them.

A career counselor is a critical role because it examines the individual’s personality, education, and interests before suggesting a career path.

In detail, we have discussed two theories: the theory of John L. Holland (or Donald E. Super).

The case study also highlights John’s personality and the stages of establishment.

Personal counselling

Counsellor: Hi John.

John: Good morning!

Counsellor: What are you doing these days, anyway?

Counsellor: Do you have any questions?

John: I used to be happy and doing well in my life. But, I’ve been having issues with my wife and with work lately.

My job is difficult and I feel a lack of satisfaction.

My son is undergoing psychological assessments and treatments, which also disturbs me.

Counsellor: Are you unhappy with your professional and personal lives?

John: I agree, and I need your guidance.

1.Career Counselling Theories that Are Useful in John’s Situation

John was having difficulties at work in the case study.

His spouse was also having problems.

John also felt he was in the wrong job.

John went to see the counsellor, and Mr. Tan assists the counsellor in his role as a career counseling supervisor.

Holland’s theory about career choice: This theory is important in helping you make the right career choices and to help you develop your career.

The theory states that most people possess one of six personality traits: social, investigative and artistic.

These traits are called the Holland codes.

A healthy work environment is created when people have the same type of personality (Walsh & Osipow 2014).

Each person must match their personality to their work environment to ensure job satisfaction.

This is a summary of Holland’s theory.

Holland stated that the majority of people in society are one of six personality types.

These six personality types are: realistic, social and conventional; enterprising, creative, innovative, artistic, and investigative.

These personality types are sometimes called the Holland codes.

People who share the same personality can work together to create a positive, healthy environment at work. This is because they all work and think the same way (Patton and McMahon 2014).

A purpose is what you do your work for.

According to Foutch et. al., this purpose could be self satisfaction or money.

John would be satisfied if he worked in an environment that matched his personality.

Super’s career development theory: This theory recognizes the changes people go through as they mature.

John was 44 years old when he reached the establishment phase (Walsh 2014).

These are Super’s career and life stages:

Growth- This stage is when a person’s age ranges from 0-14 years.

This stage develops self-concept and meets the needs of the world.

Exploration- Participants range in age from 15 to 24 years.

This phase allows the participant to discover new things and connect with the outside world.

Establishment- This stage is for participants aged between 25 and 44 years.

This phase is where the entry-level skills are developed and stabilized.

This phase is crucial for career advancement.

Maintenance- This phase is where there are constant adjustments to improve the current situation.

Participants can expect to be between 45 and 64 years old during this phase.

This phase is for participants over 65 years old.

This phase is marked by a significant reduction in output and preparations for retirement (Sampson, et al.

This theory applies to John because he was 44 years old in the exploration phase. It was in this phase that he was supposed to be the most productive.

2. Professional and ethical responsibilities

Counsellors in career counseling are responsible professionals. They must ensure that they adhere to their professional responsibilities as well as the code of ethics.


Counsellors must uphold the confidentiality of clients as part of their ethics.

Counsellors must maintain confidentiality for clients.

John’s counsellor must keep John’s issues confidential (Herlihy & Corey 2014).

John must also be informed about the treatments and therapies he will need.

A counsellor should also be courteous with their client.

John was going through a traumatise phase and therefore needed to be treated with care.

These are the other ethical considerations:

Beneficence: Career counsellors have the responsibility to promote and ensure the best interests of their clients.

Counsellors should always do the best for their clients during counselling sessions.

Counsellors have a great responsibility to do what is best for the client.

Non-malfeasance. The counsellor must not engage in any non-maleficent activity.

The career counselor must adhere to this important ethical principle.

Autonomy is a key ethical responsibility that encourages clients to think for themselves and make critical decisions without guidance from a career counselor.

Justice: Counsellors have an ethical responsibility to ensure equal treatment for all clients, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity.

Counsellors should discourage discrimination.

Professional Responsibilities

Counsellors are responsible for understanding the client and having a clear and open conversation with them.

Counsellors must communicate with clients accurately and make sure that the client feels comfortable talking about his issues and concerns.

John was having difficulties at work and had conflicts with his wife.

His son also suffered from personality disorder.

He was also mentally disturbed and believed he had chosen the wrong profession.

John’s counsellor is responsible to guide him and help him understand the problems he faces.

If the counsellor wants to explore new areas of expertise, he must have the necessary knowledge and training before he can counsel any client in that area.

The counsellor also has to be qualified enough to work as a career counselor.

This is crucial, as many people depend on the guidance of counsellors for their career decisions.

Counsellors must be aware of their professional responsibilities and ethical considerations.

3.The Purpose of Objective Assessment and Its Importance in Analyzing The Situation

An objective assessment is a method of assessing a person using a form that only has one correct answer to a question.

The objective assessment is a useful method of assessing a person’s personality (Leong, 2014).

An objective assessment can help you understand the personality of someone.

This objective assessment can be used to analyse John’s personality.

Psychological tests are used to measure the mental functioning of an individual.

This objective assessment can be very useful and, if done by a counsellor, could help John understand his issues and analyze his situation.

DiSC is one of the assessment tools that can be used for counselling assessment.

This assessment tool can be used to help John with his career counseling.

John’s personality could be evaluated using the science of DiSC. This would help to suggest the right career path.

This assessment tool can also be used to identify and resolve internal conflicts.

DiSC’s main advantages are its simplicity and cost effectiveness.

The assessment tool has many unique features, such as job matching tools that match the personality of the individual undergoing it.

This tool provides reliable and valid results.

This tool can be used in John’s case.

MBTI is another important tool for career assessment.

This tool is very effective and can be used to assess John’s personality.

This tool is useful for avoiding conflicts and resolving them, as well as identifying the areas of interest and suggesting career options.

John’s case shows that MBTI is the best tool to help with career counseling.

MBTI has the following main benefits: it helps to avoid and resolve conflicts. It also allows you to identify your strengths and highlights them.

This assessment tool is useful in career development.

MBTI can also help with communication strategies.

MBTI can also help you develop your thinking skills.

This tool can also help you develop emotional intelligence.

John was experiencing many issues and was unhappy with his current work. Therefore, it is important to focus on his strengths in order to suggest a career.

MBTI also requires a self-understanding of your personality.

John’s DiSC and MBTI assessment tools can be used and are valid. The results are reliable.

MBTI is however the best tool for John’s career counseling.

Both of these tools are valid and useful.

Counsellors could use the results of both tools.

MBTI could also be recommended and used to assess John’s personality.

MBTI can positively impact the counselling session as John could also rely on the results.

MBTI provides validity and positivity to the counselling session.

John could then use the MBTI assessment tool in order to analyze his personality. The counsellor could also help him to identify the areas that are most important to him so that he can choose the best career path.

John could benefit from the MBTI assessment tool to better understand his issues.

This tool can be used to analyse John’s issues and help him understand his personality.

MBTI could help John develop his emotional intelligence and identify his areas of interest.

John should be counseled using the assessment tool MBTI.

4. Objective Testing

Objective testing is an important test that can be used to assess personality and provide career counselling.

The objective testing process is complex and requires many steps to be taken by the counselor before, during, and after the test is over.

Before Testing

To ensure the success of the test, the counsellor must follow standardised educational assessment procedures to evaluate the client.

These are the procedures that must be followed:

Maintaining the security and integrity of the assessment

Counsellors are responsible for maintaining the integrity of both the test and the results.

The materials for the test are only to be used in conducting object tests and should not be made commercially.

Preparation of the Clients for Testing

Before the test can be conducted, clients who are undergoing career counselling must be prepared.

Clients must be prepared for the objective test by the test administrator.

Clear instructions are the best way to prepare clients for the objective test.

Practice while the Test Is On

It is important to ensure that the test goes smoothly and that no one is consulted during the process.

A do not disturb tag should be placed while the assessment continues so that no one interrupts the process.

The instructions must be clearly understood by those taking the test.

The administrator should be present in the test room to observe the examinees and prevent any malpractices.

John was 44 years of age and was therefore in the establishment phase.

He should be guided by a career counselor so that he can find the right career and provide for his family, just as he did earlier.

After the Test

The client’s assessment results will be presented after the test has ended.

The results of the assessment are presented after it is completed.

To preserve the authenticity of the assessment results, the results must not be altered or altered.

John is a good candidate for MBTI and DiSC assessment tools. The results are reliable.

MBTI is however the best tool for John’s career counseling.

Both of these tools are valid and useful.

Counsellors could use the results of both tools.

MBTI could also be recommended and used to assess John’s personality.

MBTI can positively impact the counselling session as John could also rely on the results.

MBTI has a positive effect on the counselling session and gives validity to it.


Career counseling is an important activity. Proper guidance should be given so that everyone can choose the best career.

John was able to resolve most of his issues during the counselling session.

John is advised to use the MBTI assessment tool.

John was successfully guided to choose a career.

As a counsellor, I was able to motivate John and instill a better lifestyle at the end of the session.

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