practice theories and interventions discussion

practice theories and interventions discussion

SOC 449 Week 1 Discussions Latest-GCU

1. Access and view the “Working with Yan Ping” video located in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap. After you view the video, complete the following:

In your response, explain the following from the video:

a) Presented problem

b) Identified problem

c) Social Phenomena present

d) Cultural issues introduced

2. What might be a possible solution to the identified problem using practice theories and interventions? Social work requires ethical and professional behavior. Explain if the social worker in this video displayed ethical behavior. Provide an example of both: ethical and professional behavior.

Read the case example on page 25 in Chapter 2 of the textbook. Identify the phases of the helping process in this particular case study. Explain if the case worker followed the helping process sufficiently or if an element within a phase was missing. What were the different approaches between the two social workers and why?


SOC 449 Week 2 Discussions Latest-GCU

Please answer each question and an in text citation must be used for each question. Please make sure every question is covered in the answer for each number.

1. Establishing a therapeutic relationship (rapport) with a client requires specific skills to move the process forward (Hepworth, et al, 2017). How would you work to avoid any barriers to communication? What role does culture play in this step of the therapeutic process? Explain some effective physical attending behaviors that will help the process move toward positive responses or interventions with the client?

2. How would you rate your level of knowledge on a 1-10 scale in regards to the building a therapeutic relationship with a client? Post the number and any comments you would like to make.

3. View the “Diversity/Multicultural: Ferguson” case study video located in the Topic 2 folder in MindTap and reflect on your own possible cultural biases. Consider the following in your response:

Why is it important for a social worker to take into account a client’s cultural background?

How could cultural bias affect a social worker’s interviewing techniques?

Why is it important for a social worker to know their own cultural biases?

For the “Diversity/Multicultural: Ferguson” video, propose some culturally informed interview techniques that will help the process move forward.

200 words for each discussion


SOC 449 Week 3 Discussions Latest-GCU

200 words for each discussion

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

1. Watch “Probation Officer: Redo of Session 1” video located in the Topic 3 folder in MindTap. Explain how well you assessed the Case Manager’s skill set in Session 1. What did you learn about best practices and direct practice errors by watching this example? How were the changes effective? Explain the differences in the client’s response/reaction to the Probation Officer from Session 1 and the Redo of Session 1.

2. What is your muddiest point in understanding errors Social Workers can make?

3. Explain the difference between giving advice and supporting a client. Provide an example of how to support a client without giving advice after you viewed the Probation Officer video scenarios.


SOC 449 Week 4 Discussions Latest-GCU

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

1. According to the textbook, a usual task for social workers is to assess the family impact on a client. Access and view the “Home for the Holidays” video located in the Topic 4 folder in MindTap. Explain congruency of Anna’s messages during the session. What is meant by boundaries within the family systems theories? Explain homeostasis and feedback loops apparent in the video case study. Describe the family decision making, hierarchy, and power apparent in the video case study.

2. Access and read the “GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work” document. Social workers frequently practice with groups and recommend group types. Briefly explain the following group types: Treatment Groups, Self-Help groups, and Task Groups. GCU believes that God is working to restore the broken lives and communities through the use of collective skills and resources of Christians. If a social worker has a grief-stricken client who has the Christian Worldview, what are some groups that the social worker might recommend to that client? Why


SOC 449 Week 5 Discussions Latest-GCU

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

1. Watch the “Getting Back to Shakopee” video or the “Hanging with Hailey” case study video located in the Topic 5 folder in MindTap. After viewing the video, address the following:

According to Chapter 8 in the textbook, assessment is used to gather information to create a coherent picture of the client. Identify how the client in the selected video is functioning within the various types in intrapersonal systems. Explain why it is important for a case manager to interpret the meaning of various client functions when developing a treatment plan.

2. What is one thing you know about Assessment?

3. Now that you have created the scenario for your hypothetical “client” for the intake interview assignment due in Topic 7, explain how you developed the scenario for your hypothetical “client.” What is the presenting problem and the current level of functioning? Was the client referred or seeking treatment on their own? Why is it important to know this information? Propose some engagement strategies you plan to use in your questioning techniques.


SOC 449 Week 6 Discussions Latest-GCU

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

1. Consider the role of empathy in the process of engagement with a client. What are some strategies to demonstrate empathy and how do they influence the engagement process?

2. GCU believes that the hope of restoration is for families, communities, and societies. How does social work align with this philosophy? If your faith orientation did not align with that of your client, how would you, using ethical practices, engage with your client? Describe some strategies you would use to address this issue in direct practice.


SOC 449 Week 7 Discussions Latest-GCU

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

1. Write three immeasurable goals. After reading all the goals, select two of your classmates’ immeasurable goals that they posted and change them to measurable goals. Post them to the discussion forum.

Discuss how you might help a client go from an immeasurable goal to a measurable one. Which of the goals were the most difficult to change and why? Explain the benefit of measurable goals to the client’s progress.

2. Provide feedback to your peer offering one strength and one suggestion in each of the following areas: engagement strategies, questioning techniques. If you were working with an actual client, what alternative steps would you have taken to determine the identified problem? How would you determine the next steps in the process?


SOC 449 Week 8 Discussions Latest-GCU

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation

1. Access and view the “Marty Case Study” video in the Topic 8 folder in MindTap. Explain a possible treatment plan (resources, interventions, possible groups, etc.) for him or if termination is more appropriate. What might be some possible aftercare plans for Marty?

2. As this course comes to a close what unanswered questions do you have?

3. After viewing the “Marty Case Study” video in the Topic 8 folder in MindTap, what impact would counterproductive communication have on Marty? What steps would you take to ensure your verbal and nonverbal responses are the right ones to move the process forward? Explain how important verbal and non-verbal communication is when helping a client develop measurable goals for themselves.

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