PJM535 Project Metrics, Monitoring And Control

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This assignment is designed to help you understand and synthesize the quality management processes that relate to project management.

Find out about quality management systems and processes.

Explain how quality management can be integrated into project management processes for controlling, monitoring, and auditing.

In addition to the quality methods research, you will need to discuss the key elements of a quality management system.

To highlight the importance and necessity of implementing quality standards, use examples from your work or research.


The key concept of quality management is important in business organizations.

This essay will focus on the importance and role of the quality management system in organizations.

First, let’s define quality management to better understand its role in organizations.

A quality management system will help an organization achieve success and growth.

A quality organization is good for customers and suppliers, and mutually beneficial.

The Quality Management System is a set of activities that control and direct an organisation to improve its performance on the market.

Quality Management System’s main purpose is to identify and direct processes that result in quality products or services.

QMS is a system that detects defective products or services during production (Ruzevi?ius, Zajarskas 2010).

Quality Management is Important

Quality management is essential for organizations’ success.

It is basically the procurement and management process for important resources. This sub-process is used to manage the business efficiently and effectively.

It is evident that quality management plays an important part in project management.

There are some conditions that must be met by project managers in an organization.

You must ensure that all resources are available according to your needs, obtain the necessary quantities of the required resources at the right time, and keep the purchasing costs to a minimum.

The concept and principles that define total quality are key to achieving a competitive advantage.

Providing the required products at the lowest possible price and with the necessary value at the time they are needed.

The quality management process in an organization is essential to meet the required quality standards (Oprean and al. 2012).

Quality management establishes, maintains and manages relationships with suppliers.

The project team must consider many factors when tackling any project.

To meet the expectations of the customers, quality is essential in any project. This can be achieved by ensuring that the deliverables and actions are high-quality.

The project quality plan is now used by organizations to identify all tasks and activities that are necessary to meet the customer’s quality expectations.

This plan is based upon the quality standards that monitor and control the project management processes within the organization.

There are many types of Quality assurance techniques included in the Project Quality Plan.

The quality of a project or quality can be measured by a variety of quality events.

Quality checks are used to ensure that the quality of delivered products can be analyzed (Carstea, P.un & P.un, 2014).

Important Aspect of Quality Management System

The systematic approach to planning and implementing organizational improvements is quality management system.

This system is designed to meet the customer’s expectations, identify their problems, promote open decision-making, and build commitment with them.

The quality management system must include five key elements.

These are the five essential aspects of quality management.

Plan of quality

This is the first step in defining quality. A quality checklist will also be used during project management.

This checklist helps ensure that the project team and all other project members deliver project results in accordance with the quality requirements.

The quality plan is a list of conditions the service or organization must meet to fulfill the expectations and needs of stakeholders.

It describes the conditions and circumstances in which an organization can meet the quality standards for the project.

This quality plan includes the process of ensuring that all project staff adhere to the quality standards (Mitra 2008).

Quality requirements for phases

It is essential to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

The project team reviews the needs of the resources that are required in project management.

This aspect reveals the specific deliverables and tasks that will be performed in each phase.

Use quality methods

The quality standards are maintained throughout the entire project.

The quality standards are followed in all project work and delivered products.

If project work does not meet the quality standards, it is necessary to rework the project to reach the established quality standards (Napierala 2012).

Quality review of Phases

The phase quality review helps to document the results of project management.

It helps communicate the progress and growth of the project to the team members.

Phase quality review also focuses on issues and risks associated with the project.

It also seeks approval to move on to the next phase.

This last aspect is used to verify the project’s quality.

This aspect consists of seven steps that will check the project’s quality.

These steps include notifying the parties, preparing the audit, performing the initial interviews, conducting additional interviews if required, documenting the findings, reviewing draft audit reports and issuing the final report (Bobera & Trnini, 2006).


Construction projects can show the aspects of quality management.

The project management process in a construction project includes the following basic elements:

Confirm the project requirements, plan the project, talk about the project plan with project team, determine the project procedures, organize and inspire the entire team, measure, monitor and review the project process, complete the project and follow up.

The team must follow these steps to successfully complete the project.

These are the project personnel, quality communication and quality assurance, project specification, inspection, test, control of conformances, and project completion inspection.

These are the key elements that are part of the project-specific construction quality plan (Caldeira 2012).

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