Organisational Analysis

Organisational Analysis

Overview: You will prepare an analysis of the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses in Section I of this chapter while Section II will offer an analysis of the opportunities and threats associated with the organization’s external environment. This discussion of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats will form the basis of a SWOT analysis for the organization. Finally, Section III of this chapter will offer an evaluation of the SWOT analysis. You will reference this analysis again in Chapter 5 when formulating recommendations for the organization. While conducting this analysis, recall the Hill & Jones advice on how to proceed: • Remember that the SWOT analysis is the key to a solution• Balance strengths/weaknesses against opportunities/threats• Based on the overall balance, include your evaluation of the company’s positive or negative position• Determine, in this evaluation, if the company can remain profitable• Further evaluate whether it can it turn its weaknesses to strengths & threats to opportunitiesYou should again refer to “A SWOT Checklist” (Table 1 in Appendix C4, Hill & Jones) to help in preparing a comprehensive SWOT analysis in this section. Include references to business concepts and theories learned in the BAS program. Your analysis will consider the following factors: • Planning• Organizing• Leading• Controlling• Porter’s Five Forces Model• Macro-environment forcesTo streamline the preparation of the SWOT analysis, you may regard any Leadership or Control problem as an internal weakness. On the other hand, Planning or Organizing problems may relate to either an internal weakness or an external threat. For example, a company may be aware of its external threats but it could fail to upgrade its planning function or avoid a needed reorganization. You may evaluate this “failure” to address a known external threat as an internal weakness. If you see evidence of internal problems due to a failure toaddress the external environment, be sure to discuss them later in Section II (the external analysis portion) of this chapter. To simplify further, you will focus on one primary weakness or threat while offering only a cursory review of the other elements in this SWOT analysis. For example, your research question and hypothesis might point to a problem with leadership (an internal weakness) so you aimed the majority of your literature review at leadership issues. Here, you will assign a negative evaluation to the leadership component and focus much of your SWOT analysis on this primary internal weakness. Subsequently, you will assign a “positive” evaluation to the other components (planning, controlling, organizing and external issues) while offering only a brief (perhaps one paragraph each) discussion for them. Finally, SWOT analysis discussions (particularly those focused on the thesis) should again include brief references to the theories or concepts learned throughout the BAS program. Refer to the resource guide entitled Theories & Concepts Associated with Learning Outcomes (provided with this course) for assistance in recalling or categorizing this information. Capstone Paper 18

Details for Section I–Internal Weaknesses and Strengths: In preparing this section, you will outline the four major elements of the management process and demonstrate how each function is related to a strength or weakness in the company. For this first section specifically, you will outline evidence for problems (weaknesses) or strong points (strengths) in the following components. • Leading: If leadership is the primary internal weakness identified in the thesis, focusmuch of the SWOT analysis on this section. If not, a brief discussion with a “positive”evaluation is appropriate here. Include observations, comparisons, and contrasts of atleast two leaders in the organization—perhaps executives or lower-level managers. Youshould:o Examine traits, skills behaviors and effectivenesso Explore motivational effectivenesso Evaluate communication effectiveness (upward and downward)o Compare their situational leadership and empowerment strategiesoI nclude any emotional intelligence or gender-related leadership traits ifappropriateThe discussion should assess each component for each leader either positively (as a strength) or negatively (as a weaknesses) • Controlling: If organizational control is the primary internal weakness identified in thethesis, then focus much of the SWOT analysis on this section. If not, a brief discussionwith a “positive” evaluation is appropriate here. At a minimum, the organizationalcontrol discussion should:o You discussed financial documents (Income Statements and Balance Sheets) inChapter 3. If you have decided that Organizational Control is the primaryinternal weakness, then simply mention that information from your Chapter 3analysis and add a few standard stability measures and/or financial ratios here.Refer to pages C8 to C12 in the Case Study section of the Hill and Jones text toassist in this analysis.o Examine productivity controls in placeo Evaluate quality practices such as TQM, 6-Sigma, ISO, or other systemso Investigate the type and effectiveness of the organization’s informationtechnologyo The discussion should assess each component of organizational control eitherpositively (as a strength) or negatively (as a weaknesses).


This is a research paper about CVS/health and their healthhubs.

You are to focus on the bold, italicized section and look for the weaknesses and strengths inside the organization.

requirement is 5-7 pages with at least 5 references, cited, including a work cited page.

I have attached the first two sections for further understanding and clarification.


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