MNG91002 Entrepreneurship And Marketing

Table of Contents


Activity 1

Look for a non-profit organization that can implement the marketing concept.

What is the exchange taking place?

What profit are they looking for?

What marketing strategy do they use?

How do you know?

The Billabong provides a wealth of information to consumers about the skating, surfing and skiing industries.

Billabong products are not well-represented.

Is it possible that he helps Billabong build relationships with its target customers?

Activity 2

To find out the most recent news from Nestle Australia and Peter’s brand page, visit Nestle’s Australian.

What market segments are these products/campaigns targeted at?

Are you positive that they will succeed?

Why or why not?

Activity 3

How can a company estimate the income distribution in New Zealand’s North Island or Northern Territory?

Please be specific.

Activity 4

Three web services for fast-moving consumer goods (FCMG), such as Unilever or P&G, are available.

Are they using mass marketing or a segmented approach?

Compare the three companies to determine how segmented they are in their market. Then, make a list of suggestions on how they can further segment their market.

Activity 5

Discuss global demographic trends and the potential benefits for international marketing.


Activity 1

Clean Up Australia is an Australian non-profit organization that aims to keep the country free from wastes.

The company must collaborate with businesses, communities, and the government.

The promotion strategy is my favorite of the 7Ps in marketing.

I believe this is an essential aspect of achieving the organisation’s aims and objectives. It raises awareness about the importance of a clean environment.

Clean Up Australia works with other businesses to help achieve its goals.

Billabong’s limited information about its products is not enough to attract customers, according to my opinion.

Because customers want to know if the equipment they use for skating and skiing is safe and genuine.

Billabong can’t establish healthy relationships with its target market without such information.

The current situation is that the information available on the website is insufficient ( 2017,).

Activity 2

Nestle has promoted the sale of medicated lozenges for people who are often sick.

This innovative product is a great way to appeal to people who are ill or have a mild illness.

The product is distributed to all types of people by the company.

This allows for a broad range of people to promote the product and set its price ( 2017, 2017).

I believe that the Nestle product and marketing strategy for selling the product can be hugely successful.

These products are simple to use and can be carried around by anyone without the need for a prescription.

Even though the effects can be temporary, such products can still be attractive to a large portion of the Australian population.

The company can be successful due to the unique product, the easy-to-use quality, and the instant stress relief.

A proper marketing campaign is essential for the success of medicated lozenges.

Activity 3

The distribution of income is the equitable distribution of wealth among members of a society.

Based on the average income of all the individuals, the income distribution is calculated (Bliss 2014).

I believe that the income distribution in Northern Territory and North Island is not equal.

The reason is that these regions don’t have high income earning populations.

North Island is an example of this. The people who live in Auckland generate more income than those who live elsewhere on the island.

This results in an uneven distribution of income within the society.

The North Island is responsible for 79% of the country’s GDP.

It is an entirely different story in the Northern Territory.

The state’s economy has seen a significant increase in construction projects.

This is consistent with the fact that income distribution is almost equal, according to my observations.

The people of Northern Territory enjoy a moderate economic growth, with some cities being close to other well-known cities in Australia.

Activity 4

Unilever, P&G, and Wesfarmers aim to build a market reputation and gain a competitive edge.

It can be said that these companies have a market segment that allows them to identify customers.

Market segmentation is determined by the products the company manufactures and the price it sets for each product.

P&G, for example, aims to be fair to all members of society.

The company therefore does less segmentation ( 2017,).

Companies like Wesfarmers, on the other hand create products that are mostly household goods ( 2017,).

Unilever, however, is focused on creating a positive social impact.

Segmentation is therefore based on the entire society ( 2017, 2017).

After analysing each segment, I am able to recommend changes for the three companies.

Companies can target the market according to the demography in which they work.

This allows companies to adjust the prices for each region, and make sure that profits can be made even though sales are low.

This will allow companies to be more competitive in the market and increase their growth rates.

Activity 5

Every country in the modern world is experiencing changes due to immigration.

Sometimes, however, these changes can lead to negative effects on a business’s performance (Miller 2013,).

The economic crisis in a country is the main reason that demography changes occur.

A business that is established in a particular country may suffer from economic collapse or loss of employees.

Today’s generation is not like the past, where the baby boomers were vital to the management of businesses.

The baby boomers were marketers who believed in keeping the traditional brand of products.

This is how I see the potential industries that will benefit from demographic trends.

The continuous demographic shifts can have a significant impact on the real estate, technology and retail industries.

These industries can reap the benefits of changing demography, especially with the migration, by utilizing labour and increasing sales.

These industries have an advantage because of the diversity of their products. It goes beyond the notion of baby boomers.

These industries can also benefit from changes in demography trends.

Refer to

[online] Available at [Accessed on 24 August 2017].


The distribution of income and capital theory (Vol.

Demography for Business Decision Making.

Journal of Consumer Marketing.

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