MMH707 Organisational Development And Change

Table of Contents


It is important to have both an analytical and critical view.

This is an academic report. You will need to have a solid understanding of and apply the change literature. Also, you should use a variety of theoretical concepts and frameworks as a guide to your analysis.


1.Identify an organisation that has gone through or is going through a well-documented restructuring.

Focusing on one part of an organisation (or a division) may be possible. Or, you might focus on an entire organisation.

To be able link the key facts to your readings, you must be able identify and verify enough details about the restructuring.

A company that has a lot of information about its restructure published in the press, on their website and in their annual reports might be a good choice.

For your case analysis, you can go back several decades.

2. Describe and explain the type or restructure that you are interested in studying.

3.Integrate the case analysis and discussion on the work design implications and culture change implications for the restructure. This is in conjunction with the theory that you have studied in this course.

4.Integrate the case analysis and discussion on the strategic collaborative or competitive consequences (see Chapter 11, Changes to your case).

5. You should refer to at least eight (8) high-quality academic journal articles.

There is no limit to how many references you can use.

Textbook and other references can be counted up to eight journal references beyond the base limit.

6. Your conclusion should sum up and synthesize key findings from the body of your report.

Don’t introduce any new material in the conclusion.

7. Use the Reflection Form for Assignment 2 to reflect on each individual’s contribution to your assignment.

The reflection form should be considered as an individual part of the entire assignment.

Attach the completed Assignment 2 reflection form as an attachment to your report.

Each member submits their individual reflection form.



This report focuses on the organizational restructuring that companies are currently undergoing in order to grow their business in the corporate world.

Companies also try different kinds of organizational restructuring to increase their productivity and revenue, as well as decrease the pace of competition.

Many organizations use organizational restructuring to increase their productivity and revenue. This strategy is used in Australia as well as in many other countries around the globe.

This report examines the major supermarket retailers in Australia, Coles and Wesfarmers.

Wesfarmers is analyzed in terms of the implementation of organization restructuring in order increase the revenue as well the various types of product expansion and market capture.

The performance of employees and the overall performance of an organization are both affected by organizational restructuring.

This report examines the limitations based on reengineering that has helped Wesfarmers deal with the problems that are caused by the effects of merging.

Many reasons exist for restructuring an organization. They are more concerned with human behavior than any other factor that can improve the performance of employees.

It is true that organizations that aren’t open to change are less likely to be sustainable in the long-term.

They are also able to compete with other companies in their sector.

The following report will detail the different types of asset and portfolio restructuring.

In order to understand the type of restructuring Wesfarmers is using while growing their business, a critical review of the theoretical frameworks will be done.

This report will detail the benefits of this particular restructuring to Wesfarmers.

There are many reasons to restructure an organization

Reorganizing and restructuring companies is essential to meet all current trends, requirements, and competition.

to maintain a competitive market.

These are the goals that must be achieved in order to acquire the terms of competitive support service. This will help the organization formulate the various types of restructuring they should adopt (Girod & Whittington 2015).

Organizations must have a solid plan in order to implement a specific organization restructuring. This includes both the area of great communication skills and workforce planning.

Participating participative leadership is the responsibility of leaders in organizations who take the initiative to choose the various types of organizational restructuring.

They need to have the right knowledge to make decisions about the priority of different operations, such as budget cuts, new programs, and so on (Meschi & Metais 2015).

There are several reasons for company restructuring.

These are:

The Business Model is changing:

The only constant in this highly competitive world is the ever-changing nature of change.

Companies are not inclined to take risks and become obsolete in terms of the production lines or other aspects of their business.

Organizations are more likely to try new things and improve their businesses. This will allow them to capture new markets, increase profitability, and reach new customers.

Moatti et al., a major goal of companies is to increase sales.

These business initiatives require business restructuring to initiate new business patterns and systems of doing business.

It is necessary to hire new experts who are familiar with the process and are able to make interventions.

New Methods of Working

Many companies follow traditional work cultures and systems.

The 9-5 work culture.

Modern organizations use many other systems to better manage their employees.

These new methods are responsible for redefining the parameters of management, compensation and administration, as well as establishing a solid policy of communication and reporting.

Innovations and the use of technology in different business operations are key factors in organization restructuring.

This will have a significant impact on the way companies do business.

It is important to update the systems of work in response to changes in the market and the changing times.

The enterprise resource planning is responsible for linking all IT systems to the various company procedures.

Enterprise resource planning failure will have a negative impact on company productivity and make it more difficult to find the right people (King and Schriber 2016,).

Sometimes, companies have new owners who may follow his autocracy or use different restructuring strategies.

It is important to note that different types of inefficiency control the owner’s restructuring process. The company policies are restructured according to the objective and organisational demand (Gomes et. al.

Background of the Organization

Wesfarmers Limited, an Australian supermarket, has its operations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Wesfarmers has many subsidiaries operating in Australia, including Target, Coles and Bunnings Warehouse. Cole Express, Vintage Central. Coles Central. Officeworks, Business Target.

It is a business conglomerate and has many strategic business units. The company has also undergone numerous diversifications.

It is Australia’s largest employer and the biggest profit-generating company (Pahkin et al.

Apart from Coles, it has acquired many other companies in different business verticals.

BHP Billiton, Woolworths were the two largest acquisitions made by the company before Coles was acquired.

Wesfarmers is one of the most prominent Australian listed companies. It has diversified its business operations, including home improvements, convenience stores and office supplies. They also have industrial divisions that include energy, chemicals, fertilizers safety and industrial products.

It is the largest employer in the private sector, with over 220,000 employees.

The company’s shareholder base will grow to 530000.

Companies aim to satisfy customers’ needs and provide services and products on a competitive basis.

Wesfarmers place great emphasis on protecting the environment and act with honesty and integrity when dealing with different aspects of the company.

Wesfarmers is a company that creates long-term value for the market by proactively managing community and the environment.

The company is responsible to the success of the country and its members. It also helps in the efficient operation of different markets and seeks opportunities in Australia.

Literature Review on Organizational Restructuring

Organizations that show internal mergers or acquisitions in various types of organizations around the globe have an organizational commitment.

The understanding of different cultural issues in an organization depends a lot on the strong relationship between employees and companies (Kato & Schoenberg 2014).

The relationship between market performance and entry modes will depend on both organizational behavior as well as employee relations.

International entry modes refer to the various types of organisational restructuring methods that these companies use for their business expansion (M.

M. Domanovi?

The type of organizational change that an organization can make to improve its business expansion is called Change Management.

Australian companies can use mergers and acquisitions to increase their reach in other parts of the globe.

Different authors are conducting extensive research on the business benefits of these strategies for companies.

Depending on the situation, both domestic and multinational companies can use different strategies for business restructuring.

The different types of organization restructuring will require the use of organizational justice theory (Floris Grant, Cutcher 2013).

Types of Restructuring

Wesfarmers can choose from a variety of restructuring strategies for corporate restructuring.

Corporate restructuring can be defined as the rearrangement of, rebuild, and restructure, along with a comprehensive process and change, which will include technological restructuring, financial restructuring and marketing restructuring.

Wesfarmers’ organization restructuring aims to increase growth, cost reductions, tax benefits and financial support, vertical or horizontal integrated, synergistic operations advantages, goodwill. It also aims at increasing brand equity, improving competencies, diversification, a wider market presence, and other objectives.

There are many options for corporate restructuring, including buy back, disinvestment and joint venture.

Most companies use them (Shams & Gunasekarage 2016, respectively).

Part of the overall business restructuring process may also include the re-engineering of the business. This can help Wesfarmers address the changes within the company.

A radical redesign of the policies that govern core business operations.

(Shams & Gunasekarage 2016,) The manager of the company must start with a blank sheet to deal with data that relates to the business activities and the overall strategic plan.

The company’s main goal is to reduce the number of organisational layers. This helps in eliminating unproductive activities and works.

You can also deal with techniques that are related to the work. This will help you meet your customers’ needs.

Two steps can be used to reduce the organizational layer.

The first step involves the redesign of the entire organizational function and the function for the cross-functional teams.

The second task of the organization is making significant changes in the technology use.

The company will also strive to improve the use of data interpretation techniques that could aid in dissemination.

Managers can make better decisions with better data and more accurate results.

Shams and Gunasekarage (2016) highlighted the steps involved in the overall process for making decisions that will help with the implementation of re-engineering methods.

Wesfarmers’ company managers must understand the importance of customer value in order to plan accordingly.

The company should also redesign its core operational management process. This can be accomplished by implementing technological improvements within the organization.

Next, the company must reorganize cross-functional team accountability within the organization. This will help to decide the shift of duty for all employees.

Every member of the team has to reflect on the various issues that are faced in the workplace.

It is important to find alternative methods that can be used to address the issue in the workplace.

It is also important to improve the business process within the company to address all challenges that may arise from restructuring and change implementation.

Business process reengineering’s main goal is to implement innovative management strategies that are Pioneer and improve overall business process.

The Effects of the Company’s Restructuring

The theory behind the various types of organization restructuring is based on the diverse methods and approaches to organizational restructuring.

The company’s strategies are not limited to the external environment, but also the internal business environment.

You cannot continue to operate in the same way forever for a business to be dominant in the market.

But, Wesfarmers will not be able to maintain its current position in Australia if it doesn’t change how it does business (Sleptsov. Anand. Vasudeva 2013.

Business restructuring is the best and most common way to maintain sustainability in the business world, given the changing business environment and changing times.

Business restructuring is the best way to overcome the tough situation of maintaining market competition. It also helps in creating an organizational structure that will support the various internal factors of the organization.

It can be stated that the company has used many strategies for organization restructuring that will allow them to expand their business and make other changes to the structure (Holweg & Helo 2014).

Both Coles and Wesfarmers will benefit from the acquisition of Wesfarmers, it can be stated.

The company is currently in financial crisis.

We will discuss the benefits of the acquisition in the following.

This acquisition will deliver outstanding value to Coles shareholders and provide an opportunity for Coles to continue its participation in the operations of Coles as a restructured strategic unit (Zheng & Scase 2013, 2013).

This acquisition has resulted in the retention of the Australian company within the retail sector of the country’s national economy.

It will be responsible to provide speed in execution and certainty that offset the risks of doing business in deterioration.

Wesfarmers and their partners are responsible to bring extensive Australian and international retailing expertise to the community as well as the customers (Zahid Shah 2014).

Target and Officeworks will both benefit from different types value, which will flow from the differing retail experience with a more targeted approach.

Business process reengineering is designed to increase performance and provide better service.

Reengineering techniques are used within Wesfarmers to reduce manufacturing costs and time.

The organization can reduce unproductive work activities while also reducing the manufacturing time and the number of layers within it.

This can help subordinate workers and team members make better decisions in all important matters.

The company gives priority to improving the quality of individual team members’ work and encourages them to take on more responsibility to make their work easier.

Employees are encouraged to give valuable feedback to help improve the workplace environment.

Modern business policy includes merger and acquisition strategy. This helps in the overall restructuring planning process with the help of principles reengineering.

Strategic planning is the first step in business acquisition. It helps organizations to manage the business challenges and other business processes.

This is the first step in the process of accusation. These include updating the corporate strategy and preparing for financial and risk management techniques.

The company must also ensure that all confidential information used in business acquisition is kept secure.

The next step is for the merger company (Floris 2013,) to identify the target customer group and their buying habits in order to offer better quality service.

The company should also be aware of all other companies that offer similar products or services in order to gain an advantage on the market.

Therefore, it is crucial for the company collect accurate data about consumer market and identify all potential customers before making their marketing plans.

Wesfarmers must position their brand in the market. They also need to establish new business policies that will help potential customers identify their market needs.

It is also important for the company to follow every step of the customer acquisition process and help identify specific business needs.

It is possible to create business policies that will help the company deal with it by using the majority of the policies of the business restructure.


It is possible to conclude that Wesfarmers has used the organizational restraint methods of mergers and strategic alliances, joint ventures diversification, and so forth.

They wanted to expand their business operations across Australia.

It is the largest company in the sector it operates in, as well as in other industries, in terms of size and employment, profit, revenue, and profitability.

The report will discuss the various types of organizational restructuring and the reasons for using each.

Analyzing the structure of different organizational restructuring methods, as mentioned in the study, helps to understand the advantages of Wesfarmers and Coles acquisitions over other methods.

The views of different authors on the different types and advantages of business restructuring can be used to support the benefits and disadvantages of different methods, especially when the company has had to deal with other types of expansion.

Wesfarmers will discuss the various types of business expansions and the challenges they face in restructuring. This helps to identify the advantages of Coles acquisition for their market share, growth, profitability, as well as customer acquisitions in Australia.

It will allow the company to improve its brand and product line, including staple foods and other essential items.

Self reflection

All my team members have been there to help me understand the policies and helped me complete the assignment.

I understand the importance and challenges of the business restructuring process.

All the difficulties that arise from restructuring and reengineering the business structure were overcome with the full support of my team.

In this context, it is important to mention that the business restructuring strategy can be used to improve the business process and increase market reach.

My team has properly collaborated with me at every stage of the reengineering process.

These are the primary issues that arise in the first stage of the main strategic planning process.

The strategic planning program can help to determine the organizational structure and assign roles within the organization.

My team has helped me understand the importance and necessity of each step in the reengineering process.

Organizationally, I believe I have been able contribute my best to the implementation of restructuring policy. This is an important step following mergers and acquisitions.

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