MKTG307 Consumer Behavior



1.Discuss your favorite presentation article (not your own).

What were you able to learn? How can it be applied to your career or business?

2.Jagrmeister is moving away from being a frat boy to become a drink connoisseur.

Read the article and choose an alcohol brand that appeals to you.

3. These 2 pranksters convinced people McDonald’s was good quality organic food.

Please list at least three reasons why food marketing can be so important.

4. How would you recommend a new music artist to use crowdfunding?

What incentives can you offer to increase excitement and engagement?

Answer to Question: MKTG307 Consumer Behavior

Answer 1.

Science and art have co-existed since time immemorial and this has led to human progress.

The Renaissance is a period in history that saw the convergence of these two subjects.

This period’s science and art produced exemplary inventions, ideas, analysis, understanding, and many other results.

Marketing is the art of presenting and showcasing an aspect, along with providing feedbacks.

Marketing as Art was created to highlight the aspect. It deals with understanding human behavior and creating, appreciating and inducing changes based on that behavior pattern.

Marketing, on the other hand, deals with facts and figures as well as rational induction and deduction, measurement, and analysis of data.

It also deals with psychology, which is essentially the science of behavior.

Marketing is the process of creating demand for products or services in the minds and hearts of consumers. This is achieved through careful analysis of data.

A company’s marketing strategy includes market research, as well as other promotional tools.

Customers’ feedback is also important to match the needs of customers with the products or services offered by the company.

Marketing is based on facts and figures, which makes it scientific.

A perfect marketing plan is a combination between these two areas.

While creativity is essential for creating a marketing strategy, science and statistics are required to understand the effectiveness and reach of the strategy.

The two elements work together to prove the process.

Answer 2:

Miller Brewing Company has been in business for a while. The company has a long list of products, each one a brand. Miller Lite was launched in 1975 and is considered a young brand.

It is because of the way that the brand has been perceived in people’s minds, the need to change.

The rebranding will change the brand’s image from being wild and moody to chic and trendy.

The brand will be presented as trendy and fashionable. It will be seen as a beer that is loved by the fashionable crowd and fashionable parties.

A broadcast advertisement could be set up as a fashion show.

The revised brand image targets people between 21 and 45 years old. The people are expected to behave responsibly but in a controlled manner. The psychographic aspect of these people is to party with a small group.

The rebranding aims to give people a “happy high”.

Because the new demographic is most likely to use the digital space, the promotion’s focus will be on the digital medium.

Answer 3.

If the presentation includes the visual aspect, the first reason is that it is important to communicate.

The perception of a particular thing in the mind of people is usually influenced by how it is presented.

This is also related to the background and behaviour of the people.

It is common to say that a dish should be “presentable” before it can be served. This is why there is so much attention to how a dish is presented in restaurants.

Many aspects are not related to the dish and are added to make it look rich and attractive.

You can find caviar in fancy boxes, or desserts with gold leaf.

The second reason is the way the dish looks.

This psychological aspect is related to food that not only feeds the body but also stimulates the senses.

People will easily be fooled into believing that something not edible is edible if it smells and looks like food.

Third, marketing helps consumers perceive certain aspects of the food.

Because we have preconceived notions about certain aspects of food, this is because it is easier to see them as a few.

A chocolate lava cake might look appealing if it has a gooey, molten chocolate interior. However, if the chocolate is just on a plate, no one would risk eating it.

Answer 4.

Crowd funding can be described as a method of mass communication at a very basic level. The medium of communication is spoken communication with audio visual aspects face-to-face.

Recognition and appreciation are two of the most important elements for an artist.

It is important to understand the fundamental principles of marketing management in order to build engagement.

Knowing your target audience is key to deciding where crowd funding will be located.

The location is key to attracting people. If people aren’t interested in the music, the plan will likely fail.

Interaction between the musician and the audience is another important element that will increase engagement.

Engaging the audience during performance is crucial. This will allow for the creation of an atmosphere or opt, such as whether the performance will take place at night or day. This will affect the performance and the audience’s interest.

It is important to remember the purpose of the event and that the artist clearly explains what he or her wants from the money raised.

The cause should be made known to the public during the performance.

Posters about the cause are a great idea. It will help those who join the program to also know why it was funded.

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