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The segmentation analysis identifies four key behaviourally-based segments and raises the possibility of intervention strategies that could usefully supplement those currently in use. The segmentation analysis also illustrates the possibility for greater partnership collaboration in order to effectively reach the members of each segment where sub-optimum sun protective behaviours actually occur

1.How well do their aims and objectives overlap with the partnership and with other partners?

2.What specific involvement do they have or do you want them to have?

3.Level of responsibility within organisation

4.Support senior management within organisation

5.What data/information are they able to provide?

6.What resources are they able to provide?

7.Are there any potential ethical issues? If so how should they be evaluated/resolved?

8.How successful has previous activity with the partner been?

9.What problems have been encountered? Are these likely to recur? If so how significant is this to the future success of the partnership?

10.How is co-ordination/control to be decided and agreed?

11.How are problems to be resolved

12.How is success to be measured and by whom?

13.How flexible and adaptable are they likely to be if unexpected issues arise?

14.What contingency plans are needed in case of problems?

Answer To Question 1

The objective of this kind of activity is reducing the instances of sunburn in the persons who get the tan while travelling to a foreign country. The objective of the intervention is to reduce the tan level of the tourists, thereby promoting their optimum health. This is also the objective of the tourism company who strives to promote healthy tourism among their customers.

Answer To Question 2

The interventions should include appropriate awareness regarding the instances of skin cancer which is caused due to exposure to the sun radiation. The tourism sector should be actively involved in the generation of awareness among the customers so that they can encourage the customers from carrying sufficient sunscreen with their travel packs. It is also important to encourage them to apply them at regular intervals.

Answer To Question 3

The intervention measures should comprise of sufficient responsibility within the organization. The employees of the organization should be made aware regarding the dangerous medical consequences of the prolonged exposure to the sun radiation. Their responsibility is to make their customers aware about the negative consequences of the exposure to sun and this would make it possible to educate the consumers about the same.

Answer To Question 4

The senior management should be supportive towards the intervention measures regarding the reduction of the skin cancer. The employees should also in turn support the senior management’s decision regarding policies that would help the customers to increase their protection level towards sunburn.

Answer To Question 5

The management of the organization should take an active step in the intervention of the sun burn. They should be able to provide a variety of information to the customers for establishing the relationship between ultraviolet radiation and the skin cancer. The management should encourage behaviors such as travelers should engage in aqua bathing activities where there is sufficient shade. The travelers should be informed that they should avoid sun exposure during peak hours of sun exposure.

Answer To Question 6

The organizations should be able to provide useful information as well as useful resources to the customers so that they can protect themselves from the harmful sun radiation. They should provide not only awareness to the passengers but they should also strive to provide suitable samples that would encourage the idea of sun protection. They can provide sun protection shades, free sachets of sunscreen lotions, free oil pouches and others that would encourage the travelers from protecting themselves from the damaging effects of the sun.

Answer To Question 7

There may be ethical issues involving the interventions of the issue concerning skin cancer. The partners may be hesitant to tell the travelers regarding the dangerous effects of aquabathing as this may cause them loss of revenues. This aspect may be resolved if sufficient precaution taken from the organizational point of view. It should be understood that it is important to perform business in an ethical manner.

Answer To Question 8

The previous activity with the partner has been highly successful in reducing the instances of the skin cancer. The partner is highly cooperative in educating the consumers in order to fulfill the goals of the intervention program. They like to take initiatives for increasing customer awareness through the use of several tools. This has made the intervention program successful.

Answer To Question 9

There have been certain issues while undertaking the intervention program.  There were communication issues, lack of coordination between the team members and there was lack of proper planning associated with the intervention program. There is high probability that these issues would be repeated during this time of the intervention. These issues are significant for successfully accomplishing the intervention objectives. This is important for the future success of the partnership process as this would lead to higher probability of the outcomes.

Answer To Question 10

The coordination as well as control of the intervention program is important for the success of the intervention process. The organization should decide the level of control that should be imposed on the partner organization and there should be adequate balance of the control. There should not be excessive control and there should not be lack of control. The level of control should be properly communicated to the partner organization and they should agree on the various terms and conditions.

Answer To Question 11

The problems that may occur between the intervention programs should be resolved as soon as they arise. The partner organizations may not be eager to conduct awareness programs but they should be convinced about the positive benefits about these interventions. These would give them positive brand image and which would be beneficial for the partner companies. It is important for both the companies to resolve the issues related to the intervention of the skin cancer.

Answer To Question 12

The successes rates need to be measured with the help of successful screening rates which are dependent on the success rate of the interventions. The success rates should be measured by the number of travelers who have undergone minimal sun burn after coming from their vacations or their overseas trip. This should be measured by the host organization as well as by the partner organization that are in direct contact with the travelers.

Answer To Question 13

The partnership process is expected to be moderately adaptable as well as flexible so that the unexpected issues can be managed well. Suppose, the travelers forget to take their sunscreen in their holidays, then the partnership venture should give them adequate tips on how to protect themselves from the deadly sun.

Answer To Question 14

There should be the formulation of a contingency team who would directly contact with the customers when they are travelling to the different geographic locations. They should also liaison with vendors located in the foreign countries so that they can aid their customers, in the event of any problems. The contingency team should have 24X7 functioning so that they can meet the customer needs accurately.


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