MKTG1392 Marketing Communication Strategy

Table of Contents


LuxJet, a new airline that launched September 1, 2017, will offer premium travel between Sydney, Australia, and San Francisco.

LuxJet will offer daily flights on a luxuriously-appointed Airbus A340 with 88 fully-reclining business seats.

A limousine service picks up passengers from their homes or offices and provides them with access to a quick immigration and customs service in Sydney and San Francisco. This saves them considerable time.

A selection of top-rated airlines worldwide have recruited flight attendants to provide outstanding service. They also have access to gourmet chef-prepared meals.

A fully-equipped business center with internet access, secretarial assistance, and teleconference facilities is available on the plane.

LuxJet’s market analysis shows that there is a large supply of senior executives traveling between Sydney and San Francisco. This would be the target audience.

LuxJet is aiming to take market share from major airlines like Qantas and Virgin, as well as United Airlines.

LuxJet’s flight costs are approximately half that of a business-class fare on major carriers.

LuxJet does not intend to compete on price because they feel that it would lower the perception of their product.

According to their preliminary market research, LuxJet’s target audience is reluctant frequent travellers who travel out of necessity.

LuxJet’s CEO and founder, Barbara Printup, has asked you to join her company as a consultant. She needs your help with marketing communications strategies for the airline in Australia. This includes travellers leaving Sydney.

These are the matters you must address:

Q1 – Audience and Objectives

Your answer to this question can be prepared as a short strategic report to Ms Printup. It will include the required insight and recommendations for the specific issues below.

You have studied the behaviouristic segmentation concept and can recommend which group to LuxJet’s primary target audience.

To strengthen the validity of this audience, what other factors could you add?

In light of this increased target audience, what two communication objectives would LuxJet recommend LuxJet strategically concentrate on for the next six-months?

Which aspects of these objectives should they be focusing on?

Q2 – Position and Media

Your answer to this question can be prepared as a short strategic report to Ms Printup. It will include the required insight and recommendations for the specific issues below.

Use the same approach as your Marketing Communication Strategy studies to create a LuxJet positioning statement.

Your positioning statement should be explained in detail, detailing how it best meets the airline’s goals.

What primary media communication medium would you recommend the company use and which two secondary media communication methods would they prefer to use in their first six-months?

Justify your selections, and explain how they would impact and contribute to desired reach and frequency.

Clarify your preference and reasoning for maximizing frequency or reach at this point.

Q3 – Promotion and Generating Interest

Your answer to this question can be prepared as a short strategic report to Ms Printup. It will include the required insight and recommendations for the specific issues below.

Keep in mind the company’s goals and outline and justify a suitable Sales Promotion LuxJet could run in order to increase interest in the brand’s launch phase.

Describe and describe one additional integrated communication activity that LuxJet could use to generate excitement or buzz for its launch phase.

What can Cause-Related Marketing do to help LuxJet overcome the shortcomings of its sales promotions?

This argument should be supported with a cause that can help you achieve your branding goals.

Q4- Creative Approaches

Your answer to this question should be prepared as an executive summary for Ms Printup. It will contain the required insight and recommendations to address the specific issues below.

This information will help you to justify and describe a suitable creative strategy and supporting tactics that LuxJet could use in an integrated marketing communications campaign.

Give an example of a remote-conveyor as a campaign theme. Also, explain why the peripheral or central route to persuasion is more important and why.

Please recommend and justify a slogan/tagline that LuxJet uses to help achieve the Brand Recall objective at the end of your report.

This question can be answered as a memo to Ms Printup. It will contain the required insight and strategic direction for the specific issues below.

Ms Printup explains to you, over a low-calorie lunch for business, that consumers are more in control of the marketing campaigns they receive because of new communication channels.

What is she referring to?

How can LuxJet enable its target audience to exert control over the decision-making process?

You can give examples of activities that are appropriate and integrated to the audience, position strategy, tactics, and tactics.

What modern perspectives and unified approach could Ms Printup employ to convert unknowns into customers into advocates? And what metrics would this result in?



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