MKT4468 Global Marketing

Table of Contents


Take into account Pat’s concerns and create a memo that addresses them.

Memos should be written in narrative format (headings may be used if necessary for organization purposes), but you must not include bullet points.

Identify any ethical concerns you may see.

Analyze the implications of each issue and identify who or what might be affected by the company’s response.

When addressing issues and discussing their implications, you need to be as thorough as possible. You should also consider the economic, social, and ecological implications.

Your analysis should also identify and discuss at most two possible actions that the company could take in relation to each issue.

Demonstrate clearly your reasoning process. Identify and explain any ethical principles you are relying upon.

If you decide to use any of the ethical reasoning methods you have learned in this course, please clearly explain what they are and how they will be applied to your case.

Which of the solutions did you identify would you recommend the company use to resolve the problem?

Be sure to fully explain and support your recommendations.

Lastly, describe how you would implement the solutions you have recommended.


Policy on Non-Payment of Bribes

American Corporation’s subsidiary in a developing nation is not allowed to pay bribes. The United Nations (UN), global compact, suggests that businesses should combine their efforts with operational strategies and organizational culture.

The UN global compact also advises companies to have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery.

This policy encourages companies to promote anti-corruption practices.

It also allows companies to expand their business by engaging with other businesses and stakeholders through the UN global Compact (Berliner & Prakash 2012).

This policy stipulates that companies that adhere to it must not make any inappropriate or unethical payments to officials of the government, or any monetary transaction with a party to private commercials.

These laws forbid the company from receiving kickbacks, bribes, or any other illegal payment in a business transaction.

This is why the company won’t pay the bribe (Rose & Peiffer 2015).

The Impacts of Bribery

Bribery and corruption can lead to a decline in business confidence as the public trust is at risk.

This can have a devastating effect on business and society in these ways:

Inefficiency- The company’s efficiency declines because of using improper business methods.

This causes customers to lose trust in the company and is a major loss.

It can cause a loss of resources which has an economic impact on the business.

Both the company and its employees suffer from an increase in the prices and rankings of employees within the company to hide corrupt activities.

Investors who are not able to develop their businesses will be less inclined to do business with companies that are involved in corruption.

It increases crime – criminal activity that isn’t detected properly can continue.

It can also negatively impact the society, threatening sustainable economic development, ethical values, and justice (Rose Ackerman, 2013).

Employees in the workplace need to be ethical and have strategies to solve the problem of corruption and bribery.

While a company may be focused on its profits and success, it is important to teach employees how to think rightly.

Training employees is a great way to help build a strong team and increase productivity.

Three methods can be used to train employees: a written code, compliance training programs, and role models.

Every employee must demonstrate basic ethics behaviours in organizations. This includes being punctual, responsible, dressed professionally, working together as a team, and having a positive attitude (Resick and al., 2013).

Employees should be made aware of the company’s standards and the regulations that govern the company.

Employees are required to learn the code of conduct and must attend face-to-face training.

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