MKT30016 Marketing Strategy And Planning

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Q1: Why is marketing important for a chosen product, service or company?

Nivea Men considers marketing important because it helps in the overall success of the company and increases profits.

Through promotion, marketing is responsible for creating brand recognition and product recognition.

Promotion and packaging are important for displaying product features such as sensitive skin, alcohol-free, and teen-specific products.

Because the product appeals to a particular market, building awareness helps create brand differentiation.

Nivea Men market their products to demonstrate that they are free of alcohol, are easy to use, and are the top-selling men’s skincare brand.

This differentiation is crucial to ensure that consumers choose Nivea Men over other brands (“How Nivea Used Market Planning to Relaunch A Brand – MarketingTango” 2013, 2013).

First, the marketing process helps to identify key markets for the company. This allows them to plan targeted exposure to increase sales and promotional activities.

Marketing activity is driven by customer retention. This can be used to increase brand loyalty, combat changing consumer buying habits, or even change product categories or products.

Nivea Men’s core value is to use culturally appropriate and diverse marketing campaigns. This is evident in their product marketing.

Arjun Rampal’s involvement in campaigns and the increased brand exposure that this creates for Nivea, 2015 (“Brand Positioning at Nivea”).

Marketing is about meeting customers’ needs. This will lead to increased sales, stronger brands, and a more successful business.

Q2: Describe briefly how these insights have altered your original perception of Marketing before you started this topic.


Marketing was to me advertising and promoting products and services via television ads, magazines and social media.

I have gained a deeper understanding of the marketing process. Selling and advertising are only a part of marketing.

I now understand that the whole concept of marketing is to meet customer needs and wants.

This can be accomplished through core marketing concepts, the market mix approach, and other marketing techniques like SWOT analysis, environment scanning, marketing environment, and the marketing management (Hetherington 2017).

Please give me constructive feedback and market analysis. How above questions suites or not suites.

Are the pictures relevant or not?

It’s a Peer Review to market.



This study focuses on the marketing aspects of Nivea, a renowned skincare brand.

It is important to analyze two questions to determine if they provide complete information about the various marketing concepts used by companies to reinforce the message of the brand and product in the minds the customers.

The advertisement of Nivea also features a detailed picture analysis.

Please leave feedback for Answer 1

A company’s marketing strategies and forms are crucial to creating brand awareness in its target market.

This question will describe Nivea’s marketing strategies.

Marketing is crucial to the overall success and profitability of a company.

Answer: The product differentiation strategy, the point of sale approach and product packaging are all important aspects in promoting the product.

The company’s marketing strategies are effective.

Nivea could however add additional attributes to their products in order to attract customers.

Nivea products are safe to use.

Although customer retention is mentioned in an answer, the question does not address the processes and strategies Nivea uses to retain customers.

The answer clearly explains the importance of marketing a product to a company.

Celebrity endorsements in advertising for Nivea men’s products, especially deodorants and men’s colognes, can be used to retain customers as well as attract more customers.

Nivea’s innovative marketing strategies will help increase consumer familiarity and improve brand loyalty.

Please leave feedback for answer 2

This question shows the marketing insights that have changed the reader’s perception of marketing.

The reader had an earlier idea about marketing that was different than the current one.

A person who has never studied marketing or isn’t associated with marketing may have a different view of the concept than people who are.

Marketing knowledge is not extensive.

Marketing is mainly about promotion and marketing.

Marketing also includes the sale of products via advertisements, social media and campaigns.

The reader’s understanding of marketing concepts has increased in depth after they have studied them.

The marketing courses will give you the ability to understand the marketing mix strategies of the company and the internal market analysis.

A reader can learn about Porter’s strategies, SWOT analysis and environmental scanning as well as the different processes involved in marketing management. Porter’s diamond model and other promotional techniques that are used by traditional and digital marketers can all be accessed while they read marketing topics.

This is because the reader will have a better understanding of various marketing subjects such as advertising, retail management, branding, customer relations management, and so on.

Image Analysis

The first question shows different marketing strategies used by Nivea.

Nivea is the #1 skincare brand for men in the category of skincare. The first picture shows this.

The picture shows the ease of using Nivea products to hydrate and refresh skin all day.

The deodorants and colognes of Nivea are featured in the second Nivea picture.

The brand succeeds in promoting the message to the target market.

This is where celebrity endorsement in advertising comes into play.

Celebrity endorsement is a popular way to attract customers.

It can therefore be said that both pictures in the question are relevant.


Advertising a product does not constitute marketing.

Marketers must consider many factors when marketing a product.

This perspective has allowed Nivea to analyze its marketing in terms of brand reinforcement as well as the effectiveness of the company’s advertising methods.

This study examines the traditional marketing and advertising methods used by Nivea to create brand awareness and reinforce the brand’s number one position in the minds of its target consumers.

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