MEDI11002 Physics For Health Sciences

Table of Contents


Part 1

This glossary contains all the keywords that you used in Part 2 of your answers.

Your glossary must include each keyword.

Include all symbols and units of measure that are associated with each keyword.

Once you have created a keyword in your glossary you can use it throughout your answers to Part 2’s questions without having to define it again.

Include any equations that you used to answer Part 2 in your glossary.

Part 2

Identify whether each statement is true or false, and then explain why.

The speed and acceleration of a medical supply cart when it is being pushed around a curve will not change.

An elastic band that is wrapped around the arm of a patient to act as a tourniquet is ineffective and has no energy.

A student healthcare professional was asked to move a 12 kg box onto a shelf at a height of 0.3m above ground level. The shelf is 5.5m from the original location.

The student holds the box and moves in a straight line with the box at 0.15 m/s.

The student approaches the shelf and notices that another student has opened the door next to it.

The student can apply enough force to stop in 2 seconds. But, if the door opens 1.0 m from the box, how does he avoid a collision?

Assume the student applies the same force all the time.

While you wait for the next lecture, you buy a single-serve soft drinks in a standard plastic container with a screw-on lid.

To take a drink, you open the lid and see fluid flow from the bottle’s bottom.

To return the defective bottle to the store, you put the lid back on.

The flow of water from the hole will stop once the lid is put back on.

i. Differentiate the properties of the soft drinks and the plastic bottles

Explain why flow didn’t start when the lid was removed from the bottle.


Part 1

Velocity is the distance traveled per unit of time.

Acceleration-rate of change in velocity per unit of time Factor

Work is an activity that requires physical or mental ability to perform.

Force – An interaction that, when it is unopposed, changes the motion of a human body

Adhesion – Attraction between like particles or molecules

Atmospheric Pressure- The pressure that results from the atmospheric weight.

Part 2

False. This is because both velocity and acceleration can depend on the direction in which the movement is moving, which is changing here, and they are therefore able change.

It is true that there is no work since the distance traveled is zero.

Only when there is a movement of distance, is work done.

However, the band can store energy when stretched.

Mass = 12kg

Maximum Height: 0.3m

Distance = 5.5 M

Speed = 0.15m/s

Forcing the box to be moved

F = ma

As shown below, the time required to move 5.5m at 0.15 seconds is

T =d/s

= 5.5/0.15 = 36.67 seconds

Acceleration = Speed / Time

Force = mass x acceleration

= 12 x 0.0409 = 0.049N

Stopping at 1 m to spot the opening door

Because force and mass are constants, the student will need the same acceleration to stop at the door.

Force = 0.049N

Acceleration = acceleration = f/m = 0.49/12 =0.00409m/s2

1/2 = 0.5m/s is the velocity at which the student must move to avoid knocking on the door.

Time taken to stop while carrying the box = velocity/acceleration

= t=v/ a

Time = Velocity/acceleration

= 122.25 seconds

This means that it takes 2 seconds to stop the collision.


This means that the drink can flow when it has an opportunity and not attract the plastic molecules. (Field trip videos inc. and AIMS MEDIA.

The difference in the molecule types can also enhance the flow of the soft drinks.

The attraction between similar molecules can enhance the detachment when the bottle is opened.

The liquid particles are also tightly packed, while the solids are kept parked.

Liquid particles can also slide and jiggle against one another, resulting in flow. However, solid particles are tightly packed and cannot move.

The lid can be opened to increase the pressure on the top of liquid, causing it to flow out of the bottle.

The atmospheric pressure can increase the liquid’s pressure and cause flow (Rodgers, Evans, & Leigh Marine Laboratory, 1982). However, when the lid is closed, the atmospheric tension is withdrawn which causes the stoppage of flow.

When allowed to act, the atmospheric pressure creates a difference in pressure between the top and bottom of the bottles. This causes the soft drink to flow out.

The drink’s pressure can be increased by atmospheric pressure.

The pressure at the bottom and top of the bottles is equal when the bottle is sealed (Rodgers, Evans, & Leigh Marine Laboratory, 1982).

This means that the soft drink won’t be able to flow without the added pressure at the top.

Refer to

Field trip videos inc., AIMS MEDIA.

Temperature, humidity and pressure.

CharyFieldh (California: AIMS Media.

Rodgers, D. W., Evans J. H., & Leigh Marine Laboratory.

Atmospheric pressure

University of Auckland Marine Laboratory.

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