IRHR2270 Introduction To Human Resource Management

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This controversial advertisement has sparked community outrage, at least as reported by the media.

Fair Work Obudsman has been subject to complaints from many stakeholders, including the media, job applicants, academics, unions, and others.

However, the Fair Work Obudsman (FWO) has received complaints from various stakeholders including the media, applicants for the job and academics and unions.

You are an internal HR consultant within Lorna Jane.

The HR Director has appointed you to investigate the matter.

Assess the situation and recommend a solution for Lorna Jane.

These are some of the issues you might want to consider in your paper.

1.Is there anything wrong with Lorna Jane’s conduct?

Is such outrage in the community justifiable?

2. If so, why?

3.If not, why not?

What is the problem from your point of view?

4. What are the possible solutions?



Human resource management can be described as the process of managing human resources within a business organization.

Human resource managers must take care of many aspects of people in organizations. It is their responsibility to meet all their needs. (Hendry 2012).

The provided case study shows that Lorna Jane has a controversial advertisement about the hiring of a receptionist/fit model.

Lorna Jane is an activewear retailer and manufacturer for women.

The company was established in 1990. It is located in Brisbane, Australia ( 2017,).

According to the advertisement, the company needed a receptionist/fit model. The advertisement also included all of the company’s requirements.

The most controversial aspect of the advertisement is the fact that it lists the physical requirements that applicants must meet in order to be hired.

The job or role is a combination of fit model and receptionist.

The employee must play two roles: she is the company’s receptionist and she assists the company’s design team with the fitting of new garments.

Lorna Jane says that the employee must have the right physique to fit in all the garments.

The company also mentioned the physical dimensions of applicants.

This is what made the advertisement problematic.

This advertisement caused a lot of community outrage.

Many stakeholders, including applicants, media, unions, academics, and others, made complaints to Fair Work Ombudsman about this advertisement.

They raised many issues about the advertisement.

Some people suggested that women should not be judged on their physical requirements.

Alicia Michele Holbrook stated that a woman of the right qualifications would not be able get the dream job because she is too large.

Some stakeholders complained that Lorna James was mixing the roles of a receptionist and fit model.

This issue is not the only one.

The internal human resources manager of the company plays an important role in this instance. He must justify whether or not there are any issues or problems with the advertisement.

The company claimed that the advertisement was removed because it received a lot of applications for the particular job.

The company sees no problem with the advertisement.

According to the company, they were very specific about the requirements for applicants and provided the required body size.

The society sees many problems with the advertisements ( 2017, 2017).

Causes of Problem

There were many social issues raised by the Lorna Jane controversial advertisement.

Many stakeholders raised concerns about the demands of the company for the body measurements of applicants.

This is both a problem for the company as well as the society.

Women are respected in every society around the globe.

Companies have a responsibility to remember this fact when they advertise.

All advertisements should be accepted by all members of society.

Fair Work Ombudsman policies state that employees of business organizations have the right not to be harassed at work or in relation to work-related issues.

This policy does not apply to Lorna Jane’s advertisement. However, women can feel deprived.

This is because most women won’t be able apply for the job due to not having the body type required in the advertisement. (Beardwell & Thompson 2014).

This is not a good idea to discuss the body size of women publicly.

It is not a common social custom.

This is the case in Australia.

This type of advertisement is not accepted by many stakeholders in Australia.

This was the reason for social outrage.

This controversial issue can also pose a threat to the company’s goodwill (Sparrow Brewster & Chung 2016, 2016).

This controversial advertisement can hinder the company’s ability to project a positive image.

This advertisement poses a serious problem for the company’s human resources manager.

As you can see, the controversy surrounding Lorna Jane’s ad is a major problem.

There are however, some solutions to this problem.

In an open advertisement, it is recommended that the company does not give any details about the body measurements of women.

The majority of people do not like this.

The company could instead use specific terms in their advertisement.

To explain their requirement, they can use terms such as “figure like model” and other terms (Chelladurai& Kerwin 2017, 2017).

This will serve the company’s purpose.

The company could also discuss body measurements with applicants during a personal interview.

This will make the process more efficient and will not cause any social outrage.

The company must clarify that the position of receptionist/fit model is a full-time job. Most people are confused about this job.

These are some of the possible solutions to the problems faced by Loran Jane.

These solutions must be recommended to the company by the human resource consultant.

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