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Discuss the potential impact of the referendum results that took place on 23 June 2016.



The United Kingdom’s referendum on membership to the European Union is also known by the European Union referendum, or Brexit referendum. It was held 23 June 2016.

The European referendum allows the country to decide whether it wants to remain a nation from or leave the EU. It was created under the European Union Referendum Act 2015. (Goodwin & Heath, 2016).

This report identifies and describes the potential effects of referendum results on human resources in the industry.

To analyze the potential effects of the referendum result on 23 June 2016, the report examined the recruitment and retention parts of the human resources.

The impact of EU referendum results upon recruitment and retention

Baker et.al.

(2015), Brexit is a contraction of British exit due to the referendum result of 23 June 2016. This was triggered by the vote of British residents to leave the European Union.

The referendum results will have an impact on organizations that are committed to hiring specialists to work in various sectors.

The organization’s recruitment strategy focuses on finding qualified professionals who can perform for multiple customers.

With regards to the referendum results, one of the most important things to focus on is the availability of skilled professionals to work within the United Kingdom industries.

Recruitment companies have the opportunity to retain and hire professionals who can identify with Britain’s issues and help to find solutions that are based on nation knowledge.

The UK’s exit from the European Union is likely to result in the displacement of skilled workers back to their homelands, resulting in a severe shortage of skills.

Torrington et. al.

Torrington et al. (2014) predict that recruitment will be affected if the person is less skilled to fill these positions.

The country will have the opportunity to provide significant training and education to the local person to fill the skills gap created by skilled workers returning to their homelands.

It will no longer be dependent on migrants and will be able to draw upon the skills of native workers.

Despite the potential to improve domestic abilities, recruitment and retention will be affected because it won’t be possible to find professionals with different cultural backgrounds that can increase interest in the United Kingdom. (Setala 2011, 2011).

Recruitment success is about finding the right person with the right skills and abilities, as well as someone from different cultural backgrounds (Protsyk & Osoian 2010, 2010).

Because the industry welcomes people from many backgrounds and has numerous social foundations, it is impossible to underestimate the importance of diversity among professionals.

The referendum’s results will have a direct impact on recruitment.

Recruitment agencies will have to ensure that European Union workers are only hired if they have the proper visas.

As it will take a long time to obtain visas, this will make recruiting more difficult.

Due to the strict visa requirements for European workers, only British graduates can be recruited. This could pose problems for the industry.

Portes (2016) stated that the main problem was the high unemployment rate for immigrant workers. This is likely due to a lack of qualified graduates.

The situation will create a conflict in which degree qualifications will be preferred over the profession of imperative skills.

Recruitment professionals will need to reconsider their methods of hiring because the EU must obtain visas before they are allowed to work in the United Kingdom.

This is the main inference. The United Kingdom will miss a lot of cultural benefits from having a diverse workforce.

Another implication is that there will be difficulties in the short- to medium-term before significant changes in education and training are made to accommodate the departure of settler workers.

These are the main benefits and drawbacks of Brexit’s impact on human resource operations (Schoof, et al. 2015).

Brexit may result in a number of duties laws that no longer apply to the United Kingdom because they are no longer binding due to its participation in the European Union.

This will have a positive impact on culturally diverse issues in workforce administration due to the absence of a few global representatives (Renwick 2014).

The European Union is a single, open-market market in which no taxes are levied on imports or exports between member countries.

Britain also benefits from trade deals between Europe and other global forces. Britain would lose some of its negotiating power but be free to create its own trade agreements.

The law of the European Union states that Britain can’t prevent anyone from another member country from coming to the United Kingdom to live and work. However, Britons have the same rights to reside in and work in any other country in the alliance.

This has led to a significant increase in immigration from Britain, particularly from southern and eastern Europe.

A labor shortage could also slow down the economy and reduce its potential for growth.

Few divisions would be affected by skills shortages in the United Kingdom.

The referendum result’s main flaw is that it weakens representative democracy and diminishes the importance of elected representatives.

Voters don’t usually have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision on the issues at stake.

The official has the power to determine when referendums will be held. They can also be used to serve the political needs of the administering party, as opposed to the interests of democracy.


This report concludes that the UK’s exit has significant positive and negative effects on the recruitment of professionals in the United Kingdom.

As immigrant workers in the United Kingdom move back to their homelands, there will be a shortage of skilled workers as a result of the referendum results.

According to the report, recruiters will be able to find and train experts from the local population that can identify with Britain’s problems and create solutions.

The business will also lose out on a significant opportunity to be a social focal point for the skilled workforce by losing talented, socially diverse European Union workers.

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