How to Reduce Gun Violence in the United States

In addition to using skillful techniques to convince the audience about the dangers of gun use among households, Edelman also provides a strong opinion of how the practice can be mitigated. In her view, the first step that the United States can take to reduce gun violence is to reflect on the belief in the sanctity of life (Edelman). After identifying their stance, civilians should indulge in acts that portray their view on the matter. In particular, the author emphasizes the need for people to listen and follow the example of Martin Luther King, a prophet of non-violence, rather than celebrate his anniversary. The author maintains that guns are more of a psychological aspect rather than a physical concept.

While Edelman does not dictate to the audience whether to choose the sanctity of life, her final remarks, which inspire people to free themselves from the wave of gun possession and multiple killings, suggest they should pick the former. Other measures mentioned by the author include invalidating the NRA gun policy, avoiding shopping in stores that sell firearms, restricting teenagers’ access to violent TV shows, and promoting peaceful conflict resolution among rival nations (Edelman). The writer includes such information to prove that gun possession is a real danger to society, which can be controlled easily.     

Although the authors take different stances on the debate, they are both open-minded about the outcomes of gun possession. In the “2nd Amendment Minute” video, the narrator quotes that “the United States has twenty-two times the rate of gun homicide as the United Kingdom” (0:31). He adds that the variation is a result of increased civilian access to guns in the country (“2nd Amendment Minute” 0:39). In addition to supporting the circulation of firearms among members of the public, he also acknowledges adversities related to the practice, such as multiple killings and burglary. The author takes this approach to reveal his unbiased opinion on the matter.

Similarly, Edelman uses a multi-faceted strategy to analyze the issue of gun safety. She states, “for every time a gun in the home injures or kills in self-defense, there are 11 completed and attempted gun suicides, seven criminal assaults and homicides with a gun, and four unintentional shooting deaths or injuries” (Edelman). Although the author takes a stance on guns being a real danger to the lives of both adults and children, she also concedes that firearms can be used for protection, especially for self-defense. Edelman intentionally mentions the positive usage of firearms to capture the attention of readers who may support gun possession in society. The multi-sided tactic enables the author to show her unprejudiced stance on the debate and gain every audience’s support.

Overall, the above analysis reveals the skillful use of logos and pathos persuasive techniques by Edelman and the narrator of the “2nd Amendment Minute” video to convince their audience of whether guns make human beings safe. The narrator in the video uses logos to prove that guns have a protective effect on people, while Edelman argues that the safety of firearms is a myth. In addition, both authors utilize questions in their work to convince their audience of the accuracy of their opinion and to help them reflect on the issue. Both works effectively convey the intended message because the writers strongly support their argument. While authors have played their part by contributing to the debate, it is up to the readers to choose their stance.


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