HLT301 Contexts Of Practice: Mental Health Care

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This assignment will enable you to conduct in-depth research about the notion of stigma and its effect on individuals and families living with mental illness. You can use a modern mental health website to further explore these concepts.

Discuss the stigmatization issue in detail.

Next, choose at least one current mental health website. Some examples can be found in the resource section.

This website has many examples that you can use to support your research on stigma and its effects upon individuals, families, and the entire community.

The quality and clarity of your essay will be evaluated.

Stigma and its effects on individuals, their families, and mental health promotion and illness. Critical analysis and depth.

Use relevant sources to support your findings



There are many issues and activities that can lead to the stigmatization and oppression among some members of the society.

Stigma is caused by mental illness. People who are suffering from it are seen as less important or in certain cases, more dangerous than the rest of society.

Patients and their carers are the most vulnerable to stigmatisation due to mental illness.

Because mental illness can affect an individual’s conscience, the stigmatisation of patients with mental illnesses is more damaging to their family members and caregivers than it is to the patients (Nover 2013, 2013).

Different tools have been created in Australia to aid the recovery of patients.

These tools are often used to educate the community to avoid stigmatization, which can cause more harm than anticipated.

Community programs, such as support groups and health centres, are some of the tools that have been developed. They also make use of technology to create support websites.

These websites include audios, videos, and case studies that can be used to assist interested parties.

Sane Australia website will serve as the reference tool in this paper (Sane.org 2017, 2017).

Methods to Reduce Stigmatisation

Sane Australia’s website helps people understand that mental illness can be real. It also encourages them to seek help if they are struggling.

Many people who have been affected by the disease have recovered successfully after receiving treatment.

To encourage anyone suffering from mental illness without any support from the community, some of these cases have been added to the website (Ottewell 2016).

Knowing how others have handled the disease can help them adapt and recover.

Individuals might also use the same process for their fellow patients to help them deal with the many forces and factors that can affect their mental health and the families they live with.

This website is designed to make it easy for users to navigate through the various content.

Any topic is possible to be read, such as mental health, illness, getting help and the road to wellness, families, carers, forums, and other connected to mental welfare (Dossett 2015).

The Hocking fellowship program is where people can sign up to learn about mental illness and improve their health.

Qualified professionals provide quality advice and guidance to clients.

The idea of embracing mental health and publicly understanding it has greatly helped the Australian community.

The Sane Australia website addresses the existence of blind people, as well as other individuals with disabilities (Stuart 2016,).

Access to the site’s content can be made available via an add-on. This allows clients to listen to the content without having to read it.

The fellowship includes a concise syllabus that teaches the community how to avoid stigmatizing patients and help them recover.

The fellowship covers major topics such as digital mental health, stigma reduction and mental health in work, trauma, and other methods of managing the disease like open dialogue and mindfulness (Redknap Twigg and Towell 2016, 2016).

Sane is a campaign to reduce stigmatization by educating the community about mental illness.

Online forums provide a platform for people with mental illness to connect and share their experiences. This helps them to plan for recovery.

Some Australian communities have succeeded in developing strategies that help their fellow sufferers.

These case studies show that it is possible to create programs that are successful and can help people with mental illness.

These videos allow for a better understanding of the cases and help to improve the mental health of the community.

Actual cases that show how other communities have overcome the mental illness in their community help to increase understanding and support for those who are suffering.

The chances of creating programs that decrease stigmatization within the society by sharing experiences with others in recovery is increased when there are other people involved (Sane.org 2017).

Mick, a victim of mental illness, is featured on the Sane website. He received all support from his wife after he was diagnosed.

This case study encourages others to support their sick colleagues, as they will eventually recover.

It is much more effective to reduce stigmatization during mental illness by seeing real cases than using virtual examples.

Mick’s example helps people understand that patients with mental illness need support from their loved ones.

The website has embraced several methods, including keeping in touch and staying fit.

The idea of keeping in touch encourages victims to seek out others who have experienced the same thing and those with more knowledge.

A healthy mind is filled with enough blood flow to improve cell growth.

It is important to know where you can get help with your mental health (Canady 2015).

Sane Australia allows caregivers and families who feel isolated and lonely to take part in reaching out to other people and obtaining resources and guides (Claveirole 2013, 2013).

Families and caregivers are encouraged to closely follow their patients, so they can help them when they need it.

Patients who are contemplating suicide can be assisted by their family members or caregivers.

The community can achieve community mental health through the sharing of stories from people with mental illness as well as their carers.

This will result in a reduction of the incidence of mental illness within the community, which will lead to a better quality life.

Individuals who are interested in understanding the specific gender patterns associated with mental illness may benefit from reading case studies and studying materials together with professionals.

The community can provide professional support for mental health. This is possible by including different experiences and knowledge from other individuals.

Stigmatisation is reduced by helping carers embrace the lives of their patients.


Families and caregivers of mentally ill people face many challenges in trying to be productive with their loved ones.

If they don’t receive enough support from the mental healthcare system, these challenges could lead to stigmatization of patients (Durey and al., 2013).

Learning from the experiences of others is important, as it encourages and helps to understand that treatment is a process.

It is also important not to stigmatize patients as it can delay their recovery.

Learn from professionals and fellow doctors how to overcome mental health challenges. This will improve community development and quality of service for mental health.

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