Factors Affecting the Identification of Research Problems in Educational Administration Studies: Qualitative Annotation

Section 1: Article Information

Title of the Article

“Factors Affecting the Identification of Research Problems in Educational Administration Studies”

Name of the Author(s)

Mikail Yalçın, Fatih Bektaş, Özge Öztekin, and Engin Karadağ

Source of the Article

Journal Name: Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

Publication Details: 2016, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 23-52.

Section 2: Preliminary Analysis

The purpose of the study was to establish the factors that influence the researcher’s ability to identify research problems in studies within the educational administration arena. The approach was a case study, detailed examination, description, and analysis of a situation. Although the authors have mentioned the role of positivism and post-positivism in educational administration studies, they have not indicated a particular theoretical framework that informs their research. The investigation affirmed the importance of a research question in any empirical analysis. The researchers confirmed the complexity involved in identifying the problem, which is affected by factors such as “criteria for identifying research problems, resources for identifying research problems, criteria for limiting the extent of research problems, criteria for assessing research problems and theory-practice balance in research problems” (Yalçin et al., 2016, p. 45). Such factors determine the ability to create a reachable problem.


Section 3: Methods & Empirics

Research Method

The researchers used a qualitative method and technique to collect data for the study. They also defined the approach as an investigative process that starts with a hypothesis, a perspective, and a potential application of a theoretical framework. The authors used a case study to establish the factors that affect the identification of a research problem. Such a design helped them to explore, in detail, the factors from the perspective of participants drawn from educational administration settings.

Data Collection

The researchers collected data using semi-structured interviews, one of the commonly used qualitative methods. The questionnaire utilized to gather the information was created following a detailed review of the literature. The authors conducted pilot interviews to test the validity and reliability of the data collection instrument, which was later revised accordingly.

Sampling Technique and Data Analysis

The population for the study included educational administration researchers, and the sample was drawn from this setting. The participants were identified using a criterion sampling method. The process is a purposive identification of units from a population to participate in the study. The authors identified cases that fit the criteria for the research. The sample was representative of the population. The measures and the inquiry were relevant to the nature of the investigation. In addition, Yalçın et al. used discourse analysis for their study. The researchers ensured internal validity by creating a questionnaire, a conceptual framework, and a thematic analysis. The study achieved external validity by defining the design and participants, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting the methodology. Reliability was guaranteed by directly reporting results and relating the findings to the conceptual framework.

Section 4: Critical Review

The study discovered that quality collection and data analysis are critical aspects that establish the factors that affect the identification of research problems in educational administration research. The study was qualitative, which informed its detailed investigation of the case. The authors carefully identified the methods to collect and analyze the data to answer the research question. The authors provided quality findings despite the lack of a theoretical framework.

The report was organized systematically from the abstract to the conclusion, and a list of sources consulted in conducting the research was provided. The article included quality and reliable citations in the literature review and additional information borrowed from credible authors. Hence, the work met the academic writing standards by providing validity and reliability in data collection and analysis. The journal offered quality information for use in future research and practice.



Yalçin, M., Bektas, F., Öztekin, Ö., & Karadag, E. (2016). Factors affecting the identification of research problems in educational administration studies. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 16(1), 23-52.

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