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Setting is vital to a story’s tone and mood. This cannot be stressed enough.

Because time and place are fundamental elements of a story, they allow readers to form perceptions or make judgments about characters or situations. The setting allows the reader to see the real world that the characters live in.

Tim O’Brien’s short story collection, The Things They Carried, focuses on the lives of soldiers during the Vietnam War.

The interrelated stories are more like a war story and share a common setting in Vietnam and other US locations, such as Iowa or Massachusetts, during the 1960s and the 1979s (Wright 2015).

Contrast the deplorable lives soldiers are forced to lead with the secure and bright lives they live at home.

One of the stories in the collection shows Tim O’Brien running away from his quiet home after he is overwhelmed by the terrible sight of war and the violence.

The soldier later recalls the stark differences between the settings in his two homes as he was forced to go to war.

The Vietnam war had a setting full of violence and fury, but his home was a safe place.

The room of Tm, which is full of sunshine, symbolises the warmth of life. On the other hand, the Vietnam symbolizes a cold and indifferent attitude to the well-being of an individual.

The author shows the horror and poignant feelings that haunt the minds of soldiers by switching the settings (Genzale 2016, 2016).

The story “Enemies” again relates the terrible setting of Vietnam’s jungle. The author brilliantly portrays the feelings of fear, paranoia, and despair as experienced by soldiers through the description of the fight between Jenson and Stunk over a jackknife.

On page 113, the author reinforces the “dark and cool”, setting that has crumbling walls, sandbagged windows, and the horror of Vietnma’s war.

This setting not only depicts a poor pagoda but also portrays an unpleasant, insecure, and horrifying existence that would repel anyone (Selechink, et al. 2016).

The writer mentions that Henry Dobbins would clean his machine gun and carefully scrub the parts with oil. This fosters a life in which anyone can take their life.

The Vietnam jungle seems hostile to the lives and well-being of the characters of the story. It is similar to the setting of Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native.

The troops witness the deaths of their friends and are slowly becoming more aware of their own imminent death.

Some soldiers run away in panic and fear, while others go insane. One soldier even shot himself in panic.

All men want to escape the dangers of the Vietnam jungle, the setting for the story.

People would only call someone a coward if they tried to flee from war. Tim, however, is being called a coward for going to battle (Mann 2015).

According to the story, the greatest burden on soldiers is the fear of mortal weakness.

The story’s gory, violent setting can help relieve readers and characters from tensions of violence and warfare at times.

At certain times, characters can escape the horrors of reality.

Tim, for example, dreams about Linda his dead love. It is only by dreaming that he can escape the reality of the real world and the brutal truth that Linda is dead.

He remembers a night when he went ice skating with Linda and traced loops and circles beneath the floodlights.

These idyllic settings are only possible in dreams. There is no safe or happy place in the story.

These settings are where the characters find peace with their lives and themselves.

Importantly, a significant portion of the story takes place in America.

The physical setting of the story changes as the characters return to America. However, the characters’ mental state remains the same as it was in Vietnam.

It is a sad situation for the soldiers when they return to America because of the sense of loss and unpredictability that haunted them for so long in Vietnam (Mahajani 2015).

Soldiers return home with a flood of memories from their Vietnam War friends.

Their minds are enslaved by fear and anger.

It is clear that any story’s setting plays a significant role. The setting can be realistic, naturalistic, or surrealistic depending on the theme.

The author uses a setting to create fear in the story and explain the unpredictability and paranoia in the soldiers’ lives.

The author has also created a dreamy and idealistic setting to help relieve the story’s strenuous tone. This allows the characters to imagine a more secure life.

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