DTN308 Nutrition For Sports Performance

Table of Contents


Task Introduction

Please choose one sport to develop your sports nutrition guidelines.

Your task is to find out about the demands of the sport and create a set recommendations for food and water pre-, during, and after competition.

Guidelines should not exceed 600 words and be written for people with limited nutrition and food knowledge.

Your guidelines should include a description of the sport and its energy systems as well as recommendations for food and water during, after, and following competition.

You should make realistic and practical recommendations in terms of cost, accessibility, and preparation requirements for the food you recommend.

Task Process

Choose one sport.

You can search for information about the sport.

To gain a better understanding of the sport’s demands, such as its duration, intensity, and training requirements, you can use a variety of journals articles, books, and other sources.

Keep track of all sources that you include in your reference book.

Refer to your Module 3 notes to identify which energy systems are used for training and competition.

You should determine the best nutrition advice for food and fluids that you will consume before, during, and after competition.


Nutritional requirements for basketball players

Energy Systems for Basketball

All three energy systems are essential for basketball players in order to train and compete.

Nearly 85% of the energy required to play in a basketball match is released by the phosphagen, followed by almost 15% from glycolysis and a small amount from the oxygenative pathway (Milioni et al. 2017, 2017).

The ATP- phosphocreatine provides instant energy in rapid bursts.

The phosphagen system requires about 30-90 seconds to recover total energy due to lack of oxygen during energy transport (Milioni et al. 2017, 2017).

Glycolytic System for Fast Breaks

During fast breaks, the glycolytic system provides energy.

The body needs glycolysis to release ATP and produce lactic acids in this energy system.

This energy source can be used for moderate strength movements, but it takes approximately 60-240 seconds to recover (Milioni et al. 2017, 2017).

Although it is the least used system in basketball, it is crucial for your success.

The aerobic pathway known as the oxidative energy is essential for continuous performance throughout a match.

The phosphagen, glycolytic, and lactic acid systems release ATP and lactic substances, but the aerobic oxidative systems reloads those energy supplies, which enhances recovery times (Milioni et al. 2017, 2017).

Eat Before You Play

Basketball players must eat healthy every day.

They can increase their ability to store glycogen, which will help them perform better.

It is important to eat a pre-event meal at least 3-4 hours before the match. Light snacking between 1 and 2 hours before the match is recommended.

Eaten before the event, food should contain carbohydrate and be low in fat. Foods with moderate fiber will make digestion easier (Pascale Martin, Jose, and Belanger 2016, 2016).

Pre-game meal 3-4 Hours before

Low-fat pasta, noodles, rice, and bread rolls

Salads and chicken

Cereals: rolled oats and corn flex, quinoa, and muesli

Pancakes made with yogurt and fruit

Milk, custards and yogurt

Juices made from 100% fruits

Eat snacks at least two hours before the game

Cereal bars and sprouts

Yogurt with fruit

Almonds and oat biscuits


Before the game, players should drink fluids with meals and snacks.

It will help maintain electrolyte balance and provide optimal water retention (Maughan & Meyer 2013, 2013).

Match Day Eating

During the match, you should have short breaks of carbohydrate-rich food.

Sandwiches or bread rolls

Wholegrain fruit bars

Flavored milk

Watermelon, banana and other fruits


Players must stay hydrated throughout the game.

Players should drink water as needed.

Drinking sports drinks while playing can help boost your energy levels and provide extra electrolytes.

After the Game

For optimal performance and health, it is important to consume recovery foods as soon as possible after a match.

Dairy products (cheese and milk, custard, yogurt, and custard)

Refer to

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