Discuss the Use of the iPhone at IVK Company: A Case Study

The request from the sales department to utilize non-supported technology in the operations of IVK Company should be taken seriously. The situation affecting the utilization of non-supported devices is a key area of conflict between the marketing, procurement, and IT departments. Therefore, Barton’s response to the sales division should be geared towards reaching a compromised position to manage the conflict within the subdivisions of the company. The advice should also encompass guidance based on the professional opinion of the IT experts on the prevailing security risks related to iPhone applications in the company’s operations. Accordingly, the assistance should also underscore the policies of the organization concerning software adoption and the application of unsupported technology within the operations of the firm. Hence, Burton will ensure that the challenges between the department are managed effectively to improve divisional processes.

In order to avoid future requests for unsupported technologies, Barton should ensure that all operational discussions undertaken by interdepartmental managers are copied to him. In this case, he would be in a position to escalate further quality discussions with limited incidences of conflict. Developing an effective system of communication and information dissemination should also be mainstreamed to benefit the company from professional advice within relevant departments, such as the IT section, and gain from technological advancement. Likewise, Barton should develop a strong research and development department to leverage the effectiveness of the approved devices that are utilized by the company. The divisions would have the opportunity to schedule new trials of suggested devices and technological advancement for adoption within their operations. Hence, setting up effective interdepartmental communication systems has the possibility of streamlining processes and limiting current misunderstandings and conflicts.

Technology adoption is a critical factor in the IVK Company. The adoption of new technology in operations will change management processes for all departments. Therefore, the decision on the type of technology to utilize in the organization should be based on an integrated approach. Given that all departments are beneficiaries of the technology, they should be involved in the implementation process through division managers. The interdepartmental consultations led by the firm’s CEO would arrive at a verdict that receives general support from the employees and leads to efficiency in the work processes and quality improvement of the company. However, the decision to adopt technology should be guided by the IT department, which has the requisite professional knowledge and skills to investigate systemic flaws likely to occur while supervising the implementation.

Standardization improves the technological perspectives of a company. Excessive standardization measures impede flexibility by limiting the adoption of technology into the operations of a company. Although the adoption of technological devices in the workplace faces challenges of authenticity and efficiency in managing work-based processes, the initiative calls for reasonable models of standardization that would identify mischievous apps or innovation aspects that are likely to harm the organization. Given that IVK Company allows minimal levels when utilizing unsupported technologies, it gives the company an opportunity to check the authenticity and security parameters of a technology before the full-scale implementation. Nonetheless, allowing for the proliferation of incompatible systems harbor the potential risk of security infringement into the company’s confidential and corporate data systems. Progressive standardization that enables the testing of new and innovative emerging technologies should be appropriate for IVK Company.

The sales department and the CEO, Carl William, have preferences for the iPhone due to the projected cost-saving initiative the company is likely to realize when the phone technology is utilized to manage the operations of the marketing department. The CEO’s preference seems to emanate from the discussion between him and the sales departments over the high cost of notebook computers. It is the opinion of the marketing department that a majority of its functions could be managed by an iPhone, which has the advantage of size, portability, and technology-supported apps. Therefore, the improved features and technological advancement of the iPhone influenced the choice rather than notebook computers ordered by the procurement department.

The iPhone has improved features relevant to IVK Company. However, given that Apple Company has more than 100,000 downloadable apps, the IT department has reservations about the security of the classified company’s information. Potential breaches, such as possible infiltration into secure zones of the firm, could compromise data. Therefore, it is justified that the IT department influences the users to accept other options like Blackberry or Android with features similar to the iPhone. By taking such a move, the IT department will guarantee improved data security and diminish the possibility of infiltration by illegal hackers who may affect the reputation of the company. For instance, a hacker can gain access to the company’s corporate system via an iPhone connected to the IVK system through an encrypted VPN. Such cases may be avoided by ensuring that the IT division takes the lead in the implementation of technology at the IVK Company.

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