Combatting Public Relations And Communication Management

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Talk about Communication Management and Combatting Public Relations.



For business to be able to maintain good relations with customers, it is vital that they maintain good public relations.

Public relations can be hampered by cases like the David Jones Ltd case. This led to a halt in public relations with customers.

This is one of the most notorious cases in Australia, and possibly the largest case of sexual harassment in Australian history.

This report presents the key findings and possible solutions.

These recommendations highlight the actions that the employer and employees could take to prevent the worst from happening.

The rapid spread of the Kristy Fraser Kirk and David Jones case regarding sexual harassment highlights the seriousness the allegations against the 27-year-old woman.

Fraser-Kirk’s claims stemmed from a series of alleged unwelcome sexual interactions with David Jones Ltd’s former chief executive officer (Baird and Williamson 2011, respectively).

This case occurred in May and June 2010.

The lady also made allegations against David Jones’ senior management, as some of them knew of the sexual harassments against her, but didn’t take any steps to stop it (Cornelissen, 2014).

David Jones made the allegations in a public statement. Mclnnes was forced to resign as chief executive officer.

Fraser-Kirk had made complaints about the harassment she suffered and the discrimination she was subject to based on her sexual orientation.

The claims she made to the Federal Court were not part of the Federal Court proceedings, as the complaints were brought before the Austarlian Human Rights Commission.

If the Commission failed to resolve the issues within the timeframe, the lady would have joined her claims with those of other Federal Court claims (Judd & Easteal 2013).

Fraser-Kirk made the allegations against David Jones, her employer, and Mclne, the CEO of the company (Judd 2016,).

Mclne may have sexually harassed Fraser Kirk, but her accusations were not against Mclne, but the company and its board of members.

These allegations rendered the employer vicariously responsible for the sexual harassment of Fraser-Kirk by an employee (Van der Winden 2014.

David Jones, the employer, tried to defend the claim of vicarious liability for the sexual harassment that was made against him.

David Jones was accused of not responding to the complaint made by the employee against the chief executives officer (Wright 2011,).

The case was brought to the Federal Court. However, the CEO of this company, David Jones, resigned.

The case was ongoing and witnesses were interviewed by cab drivers as well as people who witnessed Fraser-Kirk’s inappropriate behavior (Wright 2011, Wright).

The majority of them confirmed the truth of Fraser-Kirk’s allegations.

Some of the older businesspeople pointed out that Fraser-Kirk may not have received enough attention from senior managers and the CEO. Therefore, to get adequate spotlight, the lady used the allegations against the CEO (Easteal, et al.

This is contradicted by facts that if the CEO were innocent and the allegations were true, then he wouldn’t have resigned.

The fact that David Jones, the company that was accused of the allegations against the CEO, agreed to settle the matter outside of court and pay so much to the complainer highlights the truth that both the employers and employees knew about the facts.

Fraser-Kirk was not able to see the text messages Mclne sent to her, nor the voicemails in which she begged for mercy and asked her to withdraw her accusations. (Wright 2011, Wright).

The case was settled outside of court with a large sum of $850,000.

The case was well-publicized (Wright 2011, 2011).

David Jones fired Mclne after this case.


Employers and employees must maintain good working relationships.

Excellence theory is one of the most effective public relations theories to ensure a healthy and positive public relation.

The excellence theory is one of many general theories in public relations that outlines and gives guidelines on how public relations can be improved in business organizations.

This theory’s guidelines would prevent cases like that of Fraser-Kirt vs David Jones from occurring in other organizations.

This theory identifies acceptable behaviours in order to promote good relations with the public, and the misconduct.


Fraser Vs David Jones was the case where the CEO was responsible for his misconduct and sexual harassment of Fraser-Kirk, a female employee.

When the sexual acts of the employee were not welcomed by the CEO, the CEO’s sexual misconduct should not have been encouraged.

It is important to keep a good relationship with employees. Sexual harassment should not be encouraged.

Sexual harassment by employees should be reported as soon as possible.

Public relations can be maintained by adhering to the guidelines and workplace ethics.

If the CEO had not allowed sexual discrimination to continue against an employee, Mclne’s job, livelihood, and respect would have been saved, as well as the enormous amount of compensation that Fraser- Kirk had to pay.

These suggestions might have saved David Jones’ job.

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