CMU304 Marketing Communications II

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You can be an IMC Manager in a company, or start your own company.

Create an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan.

Write an alternative IMC plan. It should include the company that you work for, or the company you are interested in starting.

Your IMC plan must address the following.

A brief history of the company, its products/services, and its marketing goals.

Analysis of the target audience segment.

At least three (3) communication (advertising objectives should be set – these include increasing brand awareness, promoting company knowledge, influence consumer attitudes, developing the product’s image, or influencing purchase intentions.

You can choose from a variety of creative advertising styles and justify your communication goals ethically.

Create a media plan. Choose the media vehicles you will use to reach your goals and create a creative strategy.

Based on the way it communicates with your target audience, you can justify your use of certain media.

Please provide details about the plan’s evaluations and how you will measure its effectiveness.

Answer:, a company located in Perth (Australia) was established in 2012 by Robert Zackerman and friends.

The company specializes in housing and offers buying, renting, and selling solutions to its customers.

The company is an e-commerce portal that offers real estate online.

Monash University Engineers founded the company to disrupt the online real-estate industry.

This idea was born out of the problems these two young college graduates faced when searching for an apartment to rent. There wasn’t much information online and only one other player in the digital space. Rentobuy was born.

Rentobuy was born at a time when the real estate market was in boom. Digital literacy was also increasing, making it a smart decision to move forward with the concept.

Venture capitalists liked the idea and funded it with Series A funding. The company was founded Dec 4, 2012.

Market Offering

Rentobuy redirects traffic to residential properties for rent, buy, rent, lease, and sell.

Our USP is 100% verified listings and leads. This makes us more competitive in our industry.

It is very user-friendly and makes navigation easy for anyone, even first-time users. There are loads of information and lots of options to choose from in a clean and tidy web space.

The website loads quickly due to the absence of sponsored and paid ads and floating advertisements.

Rentobuy is a web-based real estate company that has created a data science laboratory. This allows them to analyze the data and consumer behaviour online.

The target audience is defined as the people or group that the company believes are the best fit for its products and services. Even if they don’t use them, they can promote them through word of mouth or influence others.

This is one of marketing’s most powerful concepts. It is because if targeting is not right, any other strategy will fail, which can result in a waste of money on advertising.

You can also define it as the demographic of people who are most likely to be interested in the company’s products/services. These people will ultimately make money for the owners.

It is therefore very difficult and crucial for companies to choose their target audience (Thorson & Moore 2013, 2013). Segmentation can be based on geographic, demographic, physiographic, and behavioural factors.

This case will consider the target audience, keeping in mind that rentobuy is only doing online advertising and not using traditional advertising methods.


Service category



These people are who?

Rent/Early buyers

Students in college

They are always online and consume entertainment, news, and information online.

They believe in Word of mouth

They don’t need a costly solution. This audience will choose quality over cost.

These people are who?

Business owners/Corporate professionals

This audience is purpose-driven in their online behavior.

They use the internet to find a purpose. They consume what they need and make purchases based on social advocacy driven by aspirational value.

High quality service-CRM/CSM

Web space that is clean and simple

We have less adv.

More information

They value feedback.

Communication goals/objectives: These are the goals or objectives that a communication strategy aims to achieve.

In other words, the company wants to connect with its customers and answer their important questions about what, why, and how.

As one of the primary factors in any communication strategy’s success, a clearly defined and quantifiable communication objective is essential.

Communication objectives should have:

Relevance: Any communication plan that is well-designed and executed fails if it doesn’t have relevance to the target audiences.

Clarity: It is important to be clear and concise.

Consistency: Your message must be consistent. Inconsistency in communicating messages could turn off your audience

Medium: It is important to consider the communication channel, keeping in mind the target audience. Some of the most relevant media are radio, TV, print, digital, influencer marketing and mailers.

Structure: It should include a body, an opening line, and a closing line.

Primacy/Recency – After about a week, any business communication is only remembered by one or both of the following: Power or memorability of the opening or closing.

Recency is the ability to remember the last few items that were presented. Primacy can also be described as the effect on recalling the first few items, while recency refers to the effect on the effect of the last few items. Since each individual may have different primacy/recency levels it is important to make sure you have the basics covered and leave an impression at both the beginning and end.

Psychological rule: (7+-2 Rule) This states that no matter how many advertisements are made, a person’s brain can only absorb and retain a small amount of information. The range of info he absorbs ranges between 5 to 9. It is therefore important to limit the information being communicated to the client rather than overloading him with too much.

Measurable Objectives

Advertising creativity:

It’s the ability to create and develop innovative ideas.

Let’s first understand some of the creative styles before we start to create a style for creative advertising.

Generic Message is: This type of message provides information about the brand without making any claims regarding its superiority over rival brands.

This style is used when the advertiser just wants to educate the audience or when it is the market leader for its category.

Pre-emptive message

Unique Selling Preposition Message

Positioning message: This is the type of messaging that a brand uses to position itself in the consumer’s mind.

Positioning based on product features

Service quality is the key to positioning

Service-based positioning

Price position

Social status and position

Lifestyle positioning

Aspirations and positioning

Values-based thinking

Brand Image Message

This style is used to register the brand in consumers’ minds. It is most commonly used by luxury brands, beauty products, and other high-end brands.

Resonance Message: This style uses phrases or statements that users can identify or resonate with. The message seems to speak for the audience.

It resonates across the whole world.

These styles can then be divided into 2 categories:

Communication Strategy: The Resonance Message

Resonance message styling is a strategy that engages the audience in a conversation with a message that reflects their values, interests and encourages them to do business.

This type of marketing doesn’t place emphasis on price, features, or services. These can come later. What the brand is focused on is being able vibrate on the same wavelength with the target audience, which would create a deep connection and interest them in your brand.

The three-step approach to reaching the audience is essential.

The key to resonance is conversation. Once the message is understood and accepted by the audience, the job of the advertising department is done. After that, it is the product that speaks.

Communication is key to this style. It’s therefore crucial that we communicate clearly with our audience.

Who are we?

What are we all about?

Interes with the audience: Values and Interes

Conwing oneself can include:

What is the image of the company?

What is the company trying to project? Brand, personality, reputation, etc.

What are the company’s goals? Dreams, productivity and convenience

Finally, being able communicate the same message on different channels, such as social media, website and marketing collaterals, ATL, BTL, etc.

Recison marketing is a long-term strategy that builds relationships. It’s not a quick fix.

Increase the number of people who use the portal.

Helping people find better houses.

Change the way that real estate portals work.

The way that homes are searched will change the ecosystem.

Abstract Idea of an Advertisement: This is the idea behind advertising. It aims to create value in the home and family of the target audience.

Our target audience is diverse. It includes people aged 18-40 years old. Therefore, our advertisement will appeal to young professionals, students, young couples, singles, professionals, people looking for a home and families looking to raise their children in suburbs.

The idea revolves around the importance home to the target audience.

The ad line could be: We help not only in finding homes but also in building them.

Ethical issues: These issues are related to communication objectives. Some of them could be:

Marketers make people buy more than they can afford.

Marketing can increase the cost of goods or services.

Stereotyping is perpetuated.

It is an offensive advertisement.

They employ unfiar strategies

Advertising to children is not ethical.

My only concern with advertising plans is increasing the price of goods. This could be in the form of rent, house or apartment prices.

Rentobuy is not a marketplace to purchase homes directly. This can lead to additional costs for property developers. Also, because of the increased marketing cost, home prices can go up.

Media Plan








In progress

Low to medium

Site content


Low to medium

2-12 per annum

Medium to high


1-12 per annum



4 per annum


2 per year




Three times per week




Twice per month



According to the search query







Once a month


Social Media



Rentobuy is an example of a case where traditional media won’t work. The target audience is millennials and people who surf the net. Therefore, targeting them via online communication channels makes more sense.

Australia is a digitally-literate country, so the solutions will be more cost-effective and yield better results.

This is a unique idea to promote the brand and tie up with Netflix. The series will feature the brand and the subject of web-series. Although it’s expensive, the connection with the audience will last a lifetime.

Measuring Campaign/KPI/ROI Effectiveness:

It is easier to measure online marketing because there are many tools that provide valuable insights on the data collected.

This helps us understand what the user does with our content, such as how long he spends on it, his engagement rate, click-through rates, and so forth.

The specific targeting can lead to really valuable results. With the concept of Remarketing, it is easier for marketers to remarket products/services to users.

Here are some examples of measures:

Traffic to the website increases.

CTR-Click through rates must be between.2-.5

Traffic from banner ads to the site

The number of times that the blog mentions it repeatedly

Websites are improving in their organic rankings

The Ad (SEM), repeatedly appears on the top search page beating all competition.

Our brand name has been the topic of many conversations on social media

The number of people who share, like, and comment on our content.

Engagement of the user through a post

Number of impressions on banner ads/PPC

Time spent on the site.

Bounce rate – The percentage of people who, after visiting a website from any source, leave the site in less than 40 seconds

Page views

These are just a few of the metrics that can be used for measuring the effectiveness of any campaign. With the help of data science or Google analytics, we can also rework the campaign targeting and make the most of the available resources.

Ashley, C & Tuten T 2015, Social media marketing creative strategies: An exploratory study on branded content and consumer engagement. Psychology & Marketing 32(1), pp. 15-27.

Thorson, E. and Moore, J 2013.

Integrated communication: A synergy between persuasive voices.

Psychology Press.

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