Older workers and Benefit Plans: An Assessment

Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Older Workers Older workers can have an advantage over an organization due to their consistency and maturity in decision-making. They are perceived to have low rates of absenteeism compared to younger employees (“Employment Programs,” n.d.). According to “Employment Programs,” (n.d.), older workers demonstrate positive labor ethics since they have already […]

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How to Prepare for an Interview | The Perfect Resume

The Importance of a Good Resume Most people believe that they can write the perfect resume. However, the truth is that most curriculum vitae that are handed out to employers do not pass the automation process. Therefore, potential employees face a considerable problem when searching for a job. Similarly, people seeking employment through job interviews […]

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Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” as a Cautionary Tale

Although critics of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein have viewed the narrative as a novel of the grotesque, evidence indicates that the author also intended it to be a cautionary tale for human beings against unregulated progress. Indeed, “Frankenstein is a conscious example of a writer critiquing prevailing scientific views of the day, namely, the materialist and […]

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The Johnstown Flood Accident and the Space Shuttle Challenger

The Johnstown Flood Accident and the Space Shuttle Challenger event exhibit many similarities in many American historical accidents. The two events are comparable because they had significant adverse effects on the public. In fact, both disasters caused damages, including private and public properties as well as death. For instance, the Space Shuttle Challenge left seven […]

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Workplace Conflict Management Style

      Assignment Date     Time:                               Student’s Name             Student’s ID               Course Name Organizational Behavior     Course Code BUS 203   Semester Spring 2016           […]

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Cyber Security

What are the CIA values and the applicability of each value in their respective environments (academia, commercial, government)? Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are also known as the CIA triad, which is a set of guidelines and policies for information security in an organization. Information security is a term used to mean protecting information from modification, […]

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Virtual Team Dynamics

Introduction Virtue team constitutes of a group of people working independently to fulfill a common purpose, and use the technology to communicate and collaborate. Organizations are increasingly exploiting virtue teams to bring together the best expertise irrespective of where the parties live. Working and managing virtual teams come with many challenges compared to the traditional […]

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Labor Standards

Labor Standards: Where Do They Belong on the International Trade Agenda? International labor standards have become the target of great focus by policymakers, international agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders. Tension on the standards of labor sometimes escalates into conflicts with the police, with labor activists agreeing on the importance of establishing standard accepted human rights […]

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Safety and Quality in Healthcare Radiology

Introduction The Federal Government has an upper hand in managing the healthcare systems within its jurisdictions. This has been successfully implemented through the sharing of responsibilities among various professional bodies formed to protect the specific healthcare interest of the populations. Various professional disciplines within the health sector have formed consortiums and associations in order to […]

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) in Logistics

Background Innovation in logistics and delivery systems is revolutionizing the global models of conducting business. The growth witnessed in logistics influence efficiency and effective delivery of products. The use of robots in the delivery and logistics sector is a center of focus, given the influence witnessed in global business. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are utilized […]

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