Quantitative & Qualitative Research

1 Seiler and Moss (2012) conducted a qualitative study to establish the exceptional experiences of NPs providing health care to the homeless. The researchers categorized their findings in five themes, including the reason for their work, the needs of the population, the characteristics of NPs, the development of the relationship, and lessons obtained from the […]

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The United States’ Maternal Mortality

The rate of maternal mortality has dropped drastically in many countries, including the developing ones. Indeed, this is attributable to the incredible developments and improvements in health care and more so, in the care given to expectant and nursing mothers. However, according to an article published in The New York Times on 3 September 2016, […]

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Relative Influence of Nature and Nurture

Analyzing Characteristics: Relative Influence of Nature and Nurture The relative influence of nature and nurture to spiritual/religious beliefs have been of great concern to many researchers in the past. Despite the inconsistency in the research findings, it is clear that both the genetic makeup and the environment play a role in influencing the spirituality of […]

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Managerial Report: Amazon Inc.

Executive Summary From a small garage startup, Amazon has grown into one of the largest online retail stores in the world over several decades. Among the company’s sources of growth has been technological advancement, which enables the firm to develop better ways of providing a seamless experience for its consumers. Since its establishment, Amazon has […]

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Immune Cells as Villains: Misdirected Immune Attack During Autoimmune Diseases

Overview For the body to operate at equilibrium, the cells in the immune system must play a crucial role in protecting the body against infections or diseases. However, in some cases, the same cells expected to play the protective role become “villainous.” The T cells and antibodies start attacking the same cells and tissues they […]

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Case Paper Disasters are diverse in contemporary society. From history, various communities have witnessed different disasters ranging from earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, heatwaves, oil spills, among others. The nature of disasters informs accidents of catastrophe that occur beyond human control. Therefore, these natural disasters come with untold risks to the environment, humans, and […]

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Human Resource Management of the Australian Red Cross: A Case Study

Introduction The Australian Red Cross is a nongovernmental organization formed to help Australia’s government manage disasters. The main aim of the Australian Red Cross is to raise awareness among the people of Australia about the issues that may bring negative or positive effects on their lives. Australian Red Cross is mandated to ensure that the […]

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“The Story of an Hour”: A Self- Reflection Essay

Story Review The Story of an Hour records critical events in the life of Mrs. Mallard, who had an ailing heart. The protagonist is informed about a fatal work accident in which her husband dies. She locks herself in the bedroom but she is struck by an unexpected feeling of freedom in the midst of […]

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Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

Developing a curriculum vitae helps to establish the level of professional and academic development. It plays a vital role in identifying the skills aligned to the career of choice. Besides, one should create professional development goals, both short- and long-term. CV Professional Summary Team-oriented Psych NP with a strong passion for the practice through a […]

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Trait Theory of Leadership

Trait theory suggests that for effective leadership, leaders should share personality traits with their followers. The approach is significant in the identification of qualities and traits, such as empathy, assertiveness, likability, integrity, and decision-making. Traits are observable behaviors, which are essential aspects of effective leadership. Therefore, the nurse leader should inspire patients, establish direction, and […]

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