BBS202 Advertising And Promotions

Table of Contents


When developing your promotional campaign, you should consider the following:

1.Identify your target segment.

A profile should be created of the most common members of your target segment.

This will allow you to decide which media to use, for example.

What is your positioning strategy?

What are the marketing goals for this product’s positioning strategy?

2. You should set clear goals that are sales-based and communicate well with your target audience.

One example of a goal might be to create awareness among our target audience of 90% by advertising to generate sales that will help us reach our 25% market share marketing objective.

3. The IMC campaign lasts 12 months.

Both the media strategy and the creative strategy must be allocated a budget.

4. For your creative strategy, you need to be aware of these issues:

Message theme and strategy

Execution styles and message appeals

If necessary, spokespersons or sources of information

Please create a print advertisement and include it in an appendix.

5. You will need to decide which media media you will use and the scheduling (see sample media plan) before you can create your media strategy.

You can refer to OzTam for ratings and information about TV channels.

6. You should justify and create a budget for your media and creative strategies.

To help you prepare your report, consult the following chapters:

Positioning strategy and segment definition

Establishing goals, budgets and creative strategies

Traditional media strategy

Other than advertising, marketing communications


This report will provide a framework for integrated marketing communications for Apple iPhone 6.

Different strategies are needed to launch the product on the market.

The report doesn’t just focus on traditional marketing methods. It also recognizes the effectiveness of creative advertising to market the product.

Apple iphone 6 enters the consumer market by contacting a specific segment of customers.

Apple iphone 6 is more than a communication device. It has certain positive qualities that have already made the phone a popular choice.

The new phone will be introduced to the market with a brand new aura to make it stand out and create a lasting impression on customers’ minds.

A successful marketing campaign is essential to increase sales by at least twofold (Belch, 2014).

It is obvious that Australia is the target market.

It was determined that the country needs to continue with an innovative and creative marketing campaign. This is after a thorough analysis of the market, including its movements, acceptance of electronic goods, particularly mobile phones, and consumer behavior.

This report includes different marketing strategies such as POP, in-store marketing (guerilla marketing), media strategy, media advertising, and so forth.

The report begins with the target audience for marketing.

The targeted audiences are also described in this section.

The target segment is followed by the objectives of marketing which focuses on the specific purpose and goal of the marketing.

The report’s second section is divided into two parts: marketing objectives and communications objectives.

Integrated marketing communication will be the main focus of this report.

This section will provide a basic overview of the different strategies and how they can be applied to the Australian market.

This campaign will also use media to its full potential.

The entire report will consist of a detailed analysis and a campaign proposal based on the findings.

The final report will include a budget that should be based on the weight age (Mifsud and al.

One of the most powerful and easy strategies to market a campaign is targeting a specific segment of customers.

The segments will be classified based on the market demand.

Classic and conventional marketing strategies refer to four distinct market segments.

These are:

Segmentation of Demographic Markets

Segmentation of geographic markets

Segmentation of Demographic Markets:

Segmentation of demographic markets focuses on the age, sex and literacy of a population.

A company can use demographic segmentation to determine the market’s exact characteristics.

It was found that the majority of Australians are older.

There is however a significant influx of international students.

There is also a lot of immigration to the country in order for them to find work. This allows the country’s market to be very open to unstable customers.

Apple will target all those customers who are staying in Australia for various reasons.

Apple iphone 6 doesn’t have apps that could help elderly people in Australia.

There are however behavioral changes that can be made to encourage the use of smartphones.

Apple iphone 6 will target students, working youths, and executives who have used other iphones from the company.

Apple iphone 6 will allow both male and female users to access the market. This means there will be no sex discrimination.

Certain features would make it easier for tech-savvy people to purchase the iPhone 6.

The marketing campaign will also target them.

Below is a diagram showing the demographic segmentation of the Australian market (Percy, 2014).

Geographic Market Segment

Geographic market segmentation is the selection of a market or target audience based on a specific market.

The target market for the iphone campaign is the geographic area. This includes the outlets, departmental stores, and cities.

According to research, cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and NSW have the highest number of potential customers for iphones.

An analysis of the sales history for iphone 5 has shown that Victoria and Melbourne have seen the greatest number of iphones sold.

These two regions will be the primary market segment.

The campaign will also focus on other cities to make a positive impression regarding iphone 6 consumption.

Although the market for iphone 6 in Australia is showing positive signs, it will also expand its reach to areas where it hasn’t been successful previously.

The market campaigning and promotional activities will take place in the shops.

Virtual geographical locations will also be available through the media.

The potential of electronic media and social media will be fully exploited.

The community radio in south Melbourne will be driving the market launch for iphone 6.

South Melbourne is a country-friendly area.

Therefore, the primary focus will be on South Melbourne to increase the number customers.

Below is a diagram showing the geographic segmentation of Apple iphone 6 for launch in Australia.

Segmentation of the Psychographic Market:

Psychographic market segmentation is a type of market that focuses on the customer’s intention and psychological state when using a product.

To promote a brand on the market, a company must understand the psychological trends of its customers.

Apple will target the exact customer trend in order to market its iphone 6.

According to marketing analysis, most Australian customers are highly inclined towards smart phones.

Smartphones with the most advanced features and applications are often purchased.

The market will continue to buy phones with more advanced features if it has the right mindset.

Apple will set the market segment based on the psychological needs of its customers.

It is the customer’s mindset when it comes to the use of smart phones.

Apple’s target audience will be people who are open to purchasing high-quality phones with a good camera, so they can capture everyday moments.

The strongest feature of the iphone 6’s camera is its camera. It will make a positive impression on customers due to their daily habits of taking photos and updating status via social media.

Apple iphone 6 is the best phone so far for this purpose.

Segmentation of the Behavioral Market:

Segmentation based on behavioral characteristics refers to customers who have a specific behavior when it comes to using smart phones, specifically iphones.

Customers will be featured in the campaign with their attitudes and behaviors.

The use of a handy camera is one of these behaviors.

The majority of smart phones are sold on the basis of their cameras, which allows them to take selfies.

Apple will target the market with the most effective tactics: the increasing use of smart phones cameras and the increased use of apps in everyday life.

Apple iphone 6 targets a market segment of students and youths who are more inclined to use a phone with great features and a good camera to capture their most memorable moments and share them to their friends via social media.

They will have access to the built-in applications that support their academic life and help them learn.

An accountant would find it easy to use the iphone while doing accounting.

It can be used by teachers to provide students with the necessary information.

Customers who are positive about playing mobile games will be able to use it without the phone hanging.

Apple will ensure that no virus is introduced to the phone when downloading movies or songs.

The primary segmentation in the market will be the behavioral changes that people make towards smart phones with great features (Keegan & Green 2015).

Apple has also analysed its own strategic market segmentation in addition to the above-mentioned market segmentation.

These are:

Apple customers will be loyal

Customers who are technical-oriented

Social Acceptance-Oriented Customers

Customers with loyalty to iphone

Apple’s renowned market image has made it clear that the company has enjoyed a loyal customer base over the years.

The company has split the loyal customer into two segments. First, they consider these customers primary customers of the Apple brand. Second, they consider the customers who are more financially able to purchase the Apple ihpnes as customers with affordability.

Apple’s primary customers, as far as they are concerned, have a large number of loyal customers.

Apple’s brand has been very effective for those who don’t bother to buy other phones.

They are loyal to Apple because of its brand image and reputation.

They are big fans of iPhones and also a huge fan of other Apple electronic gadgets.

Marketing campaign for iphone 6 will target loyal customers to help spread the launch of this product to the market. This will create a large market for Apple’s gadgets.

Loyal customers will play a major role in promoting the iphone’s gadget market.

This is the strategy for sponsred consumers.

Apple will select loyal customers and allow them to promote the company’s campaigning strategies to others.

They will receive certain discounts on the purchase of the phone.

The secondary segment will target the core Apple customers, but from different economic backgrounds.

Apple will have a higher price tag than its competitors due to the loyalty of secondary consumers who are very affordable to buy iphones.

The company will have a better understanding of the market in many cases because of its loyal customers.

Customers who are technically oriented

The youth and students who are technically literate and skilled are in great numbers.

Apple iphone is a popular choice for many customers because of their passion for technology.

Apple gadgets and iphone 6 are so well-designed and lucrative that anyone who is tech-savvy would be tempted to buy them.

This segment comprises the majority of middle-class adults.

They are attracted to technological gadgets that can be used in their everyday lives and help them with the complexities of their work.

They would be the target market for smart phones, in order to impress them with modern technology.

Customers who are socially acceptable

This segment is for people who are determined to attain a certain social status.

Many people have used Apple to achieve the desired social status.

Apple iphones have been accepted by many in order to achieve certain social status and fashion.

Although most customers can afford Apple iphone 4S, iphone 6 will not be as affordable as 4S. However, financial assistance would be available to ensure that the phone reaches a wider range of customers.

This is why Apple can enjoy premium sales on the Australian market.

This marketing strategy will communicate with people who are most inclined to Apple because of different reasons.

No matter what the reason, the marketing strategy must be successful and will be used in the right way.

If there is not a clear understanding of the market, then no marketing campaign will be launched.

Without a thorough understanding and knowledge of the market, the marketing campaign will not succeed.

Management must be aware of the current market situation and plan accordingly.

The message strategy is a key component of the advertising policy that helps to influence customers’ minds and create an attraction segment.

Because it is the strongest segment, there are many strategies for this segment of attraction.

A literary creativity is a way to attract customers.

Different segmentation issues could impact the consumer’s behavior.

Marketing messages can be a powerful tool for brand management.

Apple iphone 6 would take the exact creativity into account so that it can be understood more fully.

Because there is always a positive attitude about the purchase decision, the advertisement highlights a variety of characteristics.

This message will be innovative and artistic.

Message Objectives

The effectiveness of Apple iphone 6 is highlighted by announcing that iphone can make a difference in your life

The use of high-quality cameras can provide additional appeal to customers (mostly the targeted audience).

A message strategy is one of your strongest tools to market your brand.

Customers are more likely to purchase if they hear a compelling message.

This message was created for the launch promotion of iphone 6.

Are you looking to make a difference in your daily life?

Run in the bustling streets and throw your phone away.

In the thickest forest, you will lose your direction.

Peter in complete darkness.

You can then rely on iphone 6 to get you out of darkness.”

Apple iphone 6’s self-driven GPS system and night vision camera will help you find the best places.

Customers will love the sound technology built into the phone.

Apple iphone 6 is more than a mobile phone.

Every person who uses the iPhone 6 will find it a life-changing device.

Message Design and Execution

Fig: Execution of Message

The Apple iPhone is the most popular gadget in the world.

All smart phone users have been familiar with the brand.

Customers perceived the brand to be a standard in terms quality, while customers considered it expensive in terms price.

This perception can be a hindrance for non-customers.

It is possible that non-customers from the lower middle classes would not approach the phone to buy it.

To give the market the best service, functional positioning must be at the apex.

To improve the positive brand image of customers, it is important to understand that the customer must have a basic understanding of the brand.

Apple must counter negative perceptions and images by using functional positioning for iphone 6.

Any negative image can affect the company’s work processes, regardless of its stature.

The company’s Rand image is an important aspect.

It was evident that many people waited for days to be able to purchase the new iPhone launch phones.

Apple’s phones have captured the imagination of millions around the world.

Below is an overview of the integrated marketing communication plan for Apple iphone 6.

The Decision Stage

Communication Task


IMC options


Tentatively positive perception of Apple iphone

Students who don’t earn money

Retail outlets

Television, print advertisement, and POP advertising

Evaluation and Searching for Information

Provide sufficient information to convince the target market

Positive intention (intention to purchase the brand) is essential.

Service holders for students and young people

Retail outlets

Television, print advertising, online endeavor, gaming centres and tech-shops


Positive intention regarding the brand is a positive action (Purchase intention related to the brand).

Service holders for students and young people

Retail Outlets

Advertisement and POP ads


Reinforcement of brand usage and decision

Service holders for students and young people

No matter where you are or what time it is

Promotion of events and advertising in print and electronic media

The IMC campaign will focus on influencing people’s attitudes towards the brand and encouraging them to buy it.

It also addresses the intent objectives.

Through the use of strong, effective visual packages related to the brand, the IMC campaign aims to increase customer recognition.

The IMC campaign will increase brand recognition through the firm use of advertising, electronic and print media.

The campaign will provide sufficient information about the brand to convince the target market when customers search for information via information search during the evaluation stage.

Media advertising, promotion of the brand, and blog writing will help achieve these objectives.

The company will visit technical colleges to offer a seminar and/or organize scholarships for students to help move the process forward.

The commitment to staying close to the target audience is one of the most important aspects.

The campaign’s strength would be the POP advertising in the shops, since the purchase decision is made at the retail outlets.

The retail outlets will promote the brand by using displays and merchandising.

Here is the Campaign Strategy outline:

Here’s the Outline of The Campaign Strategy.

Advertising via print media, radio and television

Promotion of sales

Personal Selling

Event Marketing

Direct Marketing

Public relation

Digital Marketing

National television advertising campaign development to reach 100% of the viewership

Localized advertising campaigns via radio and print ads

Digital platforms allow for the creation of programs

Media Habit

The following chart illustrates the media habits of Australian targeted customers.

Media buying strategies:

These channels are the primary source of awareness.

These channels could relay the messages aforesaid to viewers.

Television Guesting: NA

Targeted Channels: During the intervals, we will target sports channels, NEWS channels and Movie Channels as well as entertainment channels.

Media Schedule:

Advertisement Schedule

Time or published date

Print Ad Size or Program

Day or Time slot

Number of Ads

Number of Ads

Station, Publication, or Location


40 Weeks

Every Day

35 weeks

Master Chef Australia

Every Day

20 weeks

Every Day


Every Day

12 weeks

Every Day

12 weeks

Every day

50 Weeks

All ABC Shows

Magazines and journals

Full Front Page Ad

July 2017,

Full Front Page Ad

Budget Planning for the Media and Advertisement



Annual Budget




AUD 800000

AUD 38000


AUD 98000

Direct Marketing

AUD 3000

Digital Marketing

AUD 9000

Event Marketing

AUD 15000


AUD 2663000.00

Marketing iphone in Australia requires a deep understanding of the entire marketing behavior in the country.

These are just tools for marketing.

These strategies are only tools for marketing. However, they depend on the market’s current trends and the art of advertising.

This advertising strategy will be very innovative.

Apple will use guerilla marketing to reach more customers. This is done with the assistance of graphic designers and advertising agencies.

This is the most efficient process.

The future outcome of the sales and marketing reports will also affect the budget.

In case of emergency, the entire strategy can be modified.

It is important not to limit the market.

It should be re-engineered through digital marketing and other marketing methods.

The process must be determined by the target market and qualitative analysis.

Marketing should not be chained and should follow the market demand.

It is important to create market demand in order to generate sales sensation.

The aforementioned marketing strategy is likely to work in Australia.

Belch G.E., Belch M.A., Kerr G.F., and Powell I. (2014)

Advertising: A holistic marketing communication perspective.

Keegan, W.J.

Global marketing.

Upper Saddle River (NJ): Pearson.

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