artists who inspire you

artists who inspire you

think of two artists who inspire you. Inspiration can come in the form medium, color, subject matter, skill, genre, etc. Research your chosen artists some more. Find out what intrigues them, what drives them to create, how they created their work, art critic views of the work, etc. Become a knowledgeable viewer about the people that influenced you. Please note – film directors will not be allowed for this project. And while you can use contemporary artists, they need to have scholarly information written about them. Their own work, blog, vlog, comments on Instagram will not count. Use artists you can research. You will receive a zero for this assignment if you do not follow these guidelines. • Choose one medium to create your own project (such as painting, graphic design, sculpture, calligraphy, computer design, computer animation, videography, photography, etc). The medium does not have to be the same as your inspiration, for example, you could like Picasso and Banksy but decide to create a Photoshop based project. • Create a bibliography with a minimum of 5 sources. Use the MLA Citation Guide. • Create your own piece of art in that medium. o Your artwork needs to be professional –not just thrown together the night before. I have a studio background and will be able to tell.

Your artwork should utilize the medium in a unique way. Even if you chose to reproduce a famous piece by another artist make sure this piece is yours, by making it a representation of what you think the piece is. Or use a different medium to look a work. For example, look a famous painting through graphic design, or video. • Write a short paragraph describing your work and the process (answer the questions on the grade sheet).

When you turn in your Artistic Inspiration names be sure to o Create a document (following your Style Sheet) that you attach to the assignment o Name your file correctly (first initial last name name of assignment.fileextension) o Include the full name and birth (and death) dates, preferred medium of each artist. o Include a brief (3-4 sentences) paragraph about what intrigues you about these artists or what you hope to learn. This is worth repeating from the previous page. While I encourage you to use artists who move you, if you use contemporary artists, they need to have scholarly information written about them. Scholarly information does not include their own work, blog, vlog, comments on Instagram or only an interview. Use artists you can research. Acceptable scholarly research includes – trade magazines articles, online articles by reputable sources in the field (not BuzzFeed or Wikipedia), books, art critic reviews, gallery reviews, etc. You will receive a zero for this portion of the assignment if you do not follow these guidelines. If you choose to continue with artists who do not have scholarly research available, the entire project will be dropped two (2) letter grades before grading.

The guidelines for your Annotated Bibliography – • Create a document (following your Style Sheet) that you attach to the assignment • Name your file correctly (first initial last name name of assignment.fileextension) • Include a minimum of 5 scholarly sources about your artistic inspirations for the project. o Wikipedia is not a scholarly source, neither are straight images of artwork, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or google search results. You need to look for books, articles, reviews of shows or exhibitions, etc. Please ask if you are unsure. o Have at least two (2) sources for each artist. Consider having one (1) source about your choice of medium. o Be sure that you have scholarly references – not primary sources (artwork from the artist will not count as a scholarly reference). • Cite properly! A great resource is the or google docs will help you cite. • Include a brief (2-3 sentences) note about each source that summarizes what the source is about and how you will use the research it provides. This notation will help you in your research. See a sample here. • A few sentences on the medium you will use for your project. Medium is the material you will use to physically create your project (paint or canvas for example).


Professional presentation Does the project look professional? Could it be submitted as a portfolio or job piece? __ out of 3 Does it include all the elements necessary for the project? ___ out of 2 Does the project look like time and effort was spent on the piece? ___ out of 3 Medium Was the medium explored in a unique way? _____ out of 3 Were the creative possibilities of the medium utilized? _____ out of 3 Does the piece demonstrate an understanding of this particular medium? ___ out of Is the medium (and its possibilities) conveyed well through the project? ___ out of 2 Does the piece showcase creativity in approach and design? ____ out of 3 Is the medium skillfully displayed? ____ out of 1 Does this piece successfully demonstrate the abilities of this medium? ____ out of 3 Paper How did your influences shape your work? ___ out of 2 How did you differ from your influences to create something that was uniquely yours? ___ out of 2 Why did you choose this medium? ____ out of 2 What were the pros and cons of this particular medium? ____ out of 3 Why did you choose to represent the medium in this manner? ____ out of 2 What was the process like? ____ out of 3 Was it harder or easier than you expected? ____ out of 3 What does the piece mean to you? ____ out of 2 What should it tell the viewer? ____ out of 2 What do you want the viewer to get out of it? ____ out of 1 What were some interesting points about the general process? ____ out of 2 What would you like to create next? ___ out of 1 Is there a title page with a title for the work? ____ out of 1 Bibliography ____ out of 2 • Minimum number of sources (5) met • Correctly cited Correct spelling ____ out of 1 Correct grammar ____ out of 2

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