application of geographical tools and theories

application of geographical tools and theories

The Final Research Paper will give students the ability to demonstrate application of geographical tools and theories. Students will have an opportunity to think critically about course materials and their own research materials, and synthesize these materials in a way that allows them to see the world in a different way. The Final Research Paper will also give students the opportunity to produce a scholarly piece of writing based on a topic of their own choosing.

  1. For the Final Research Paper, build on the first four parts of the Research Project assignment to produce a well-organized, scholarly research paper.
  2. In addition to the sources used for the annotated bibliography, you should gather additional data from a variety of sources (e.g., newspaper articles, census data, business reports, government documents, etc.).
  3. You may want to return to your field excursion site to make and record more observations. Dates and times of these observations should be recorded clearly.
  4. The Final Research Paper should be formatted like a research article in an academic journal. You are encouraged to use journal articles as guides for formatting their essays, bearing in mind there are many different ways to format journal articles.
  5. The Research Papers must not simply add on the sections from the first parts of the Research Project but rather incorporate these materials to produce a well-written essay. Although components of a paper can be arranged very differently, the following elements must be included in the final submission.
    • data: data must be presented in a format that is legible, meaningful, suitable for the data type, and consistent with the style of the paper;
    • analysis: it is not enough to simply state results. Results must be analyzed and discussed, making connections to the theoretical framework used;
    • visual representation: all papers should have at least one map of the study area as well as one or more photographs. Papers can also use tables, charts, graphs, sketches, and other forms of visual representation that contribute to data presentation and analysis.

The Final Research Paper should include the following sections clearly identified using headings. Please note that sections do not have to use these titles; they can be more imaginative and descriptive. Please also note that different sections might be combined depending on the style and flow of the report:

  1. Introduction: describes the research topic; may include a map; should include a research question or problem statement, as well as an argument; should indicate briefly the theory being used; should set up the rest of the paper.
  2. Methods: briefly describes the methods used to gather data; can include a map; can include references to methods literature if used, including the course textbook if used.
  3. Theory: includes a discussion of the theoretical lens used and a review of the literature used for the study; links the theory to the research question.
  4. Results: describes the observations made (tables, charts, and diagrams can be included as necessary).
  5. Analysis and discussion: link results to the theory in a scholarly way that helps the reader to understand the phenomena being studied; may challenge existing literature and propose something new.
  6. Conclusion: briefly restates what the essay did and points to what other interesting work could be done; may include limitations; elegantly concludes the paper.


  • Please review the instructions for uploading assignment files through Turnitin.
  • The system will not allow you to resubmit after the due date.
  • Please review the instructions for reviewing your feedback in a Turnitin assignment.


Part E will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall.

Activity/Competencies DemonstratedGradePresentation and Organization/10a. all submission requirements are properly developed and well-organizedb. the report is well-organized, flows well, and uses headings where appropriateCritical Thinking and Analysis/60a. the topic and research approach is geographical and sufficient in scopeb. the selected literature is appropriately presented and synthesized c. empirical observations are described and explained in a well thought out analysis that synthesizes diverse academic and non-academic sources d. arguments and conclusions demonstrate a critical understanding of the topic and a sophisticated analysis of the research findings Writing Style/30a. writing is of scholarly  quality and free of errors in spelling, grammar, and syntaxb. writing and citation follows APA guidelines Total/100Helpful Hints

  1. Write essays in double-spacing; it allows for easier review and editing.
  2. Use APA referencing guidelines for citation and references.
  3. Do not use Wikipedia as a primary source – it is useful as a tool to help focus your thesis, and possibly direct you to find primary sources, but should not be quoted or used as a primary source itself.
  4. Ensure references assumed to be academic are indeed from academic sources (for example, peer reviewed journal articles retrieved from one the library databases). Many articles found readily online may not have been exposed to any editorial process and should be carefully investigated before being used as a resource. Non-academic sources (such as newspaper articles) can also be useful but they should not be presented as academic works.

PART C is attached


of my project topic selection.

topic selection (theory)

Burnaby skilled economic prosperity and a few commenced to undertake an extra liberal mindset toward its numerous residents. Many industrial and commercial businesses call Burnaby home. The Metropolis at Metrotown, Western Columbia’s (and Canada’s) biggest industrial mall, is located in Burnaby. It also keeps a small amount of agricultural land, particularly along the Fraser shoreline apartments in the Big Bend neighborhood on its southern border.

My study site is the downtown of the Burnaby Metrotown.  The research topic is about Income inequality which has been one of the significant human geographical issues facing the country for the last decades. Metrotown is sample research to investigate the impact of income inequality on the people and the extent to which income inequality has risen. Income inequality attracts both economic, political, and social concerns of the country. The reason why income inequality may have risen in the country is that economic forces keep on economic forces keep on concentrating wealth and income to those who are rich in the country. The theoretical lens is economic development.

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