AIA106 Sex Race And Australia’S People

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Write about the Populate or Perish.


The government of Australia made the important step of implementing changes in migration after the end of World War II.

Australia needed to rethink their ideal population after the Japanese nearly invaded Australia.

Australia was founded on colonial ideologies of white supremacy, cultural homogeneity, and colonialism (Farquharson K., 2015).

These ideologies were what shaped Australia and helped the aboriginal population.

These ideologies also shaped the immigration system, policy, and Immigration Restriction Act of 2001, also known as White Australia Policy.

Australia was perceived as the white nation and white people. They separated themselves from “Asians”.

Australia required skilled migrants to rebuild and industrialize Australia after the end of World War II.

For its defense, the country needed human capital.

The country needed to “Populate Or Perish”

This slogan was used for post-war migration.

Ben Chifley, the Prime Minister, stated that Australia was the target for the powerful enemy and that the threat of invading could again arise.

The Prime Minister felt that Australia should be populated as quickly as possible to prevent another invasion.

Near invasion of Japan was the national experience that prompted the Prime Minister to reconsider the racist White Australia Policy (Birrell Hill, Nevill 1984).

The White Australia Policy was dismantled and the country’s migration policy shifted towards skills, not race.

Although Austrlian was positive about the idea that it could increase its population through the entry of skilled migrants, they preferred European migrants who were skilled workers, miners, and factory workers.

European migrants brought with them customs, languages, and a better experience than the British migrants (Madden J.A. 2015).

While the number of British migrants declined, the Australian government began to recruit people from other sources.

The Australian government began providing assistance to unskilled workers and assisted tradesmen.

It also began bringing in displaced people from Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, and other countries.

These refugees were taken in by the International Refugee Organization.

The large-scale immigration of immigrants from non-English speaking countries began in 1949.

Populate and Perish did more than just increase the population. It also sought to improve the socio-economic status by attracting skilled workers.

Because of their trade qualifications and skills, the Government of Australia began accepting migrants from Western and Southern Europe.

These migrants’ skills and knowledge helped to develop Western Australia’s industrial projects.

The most important industries included the “Chamberlain tractor”, the Wondowie charcoal and iron and steel industry as well as the Kwinana oil refining plant and its steel rolling and cement manufacturing projects. Pinjarra also had an alumina industry (Brett 2007, 13).

Australia was the first country to be racially selected. This practice was officially abolished in 1973 by Whitlam’s government.

With “too many” abortions, the white socio-cultural dominance of Australia was a concern.

Aborting women was seen as a threat to white socio-cultural hegemony. (Millar E., 2015).

Migrants who arrived in Australia were taken to refugee camps. They were then transferred to Holden Camp at Northam where they were provided shelter, food, and assistance from the Commonwealth government.

The assistance provided to the “New Australian” was in the form English language classes and vocational training so they could settle in their new home (Armillei R. and Mascitelli B., 2017).

After WWII and the complexity of modern visa systems, the Australian government continues to concentrate on its migration policy which helps select the right migrants who are wealthy, young and healthy.

Australia’s migration policy supports British hegemony, white dominance, and continues selective mass immigration to strengthen the country’s military, economy, and control of State (Armillei R. and Mascitelli B., 2017).

Australia is the nation that has experienced and continues to practice racism and discrimination.

Australia’s government was primarily focused on creating a country where all people are white.

Gender inequality was also prevalent (de Lepervanche 2013, 2013).

This discrimination was also evident in immigration policies.

The Australian government prohibited migrants from India or China from entering the country. They preferred that only white men should enter the country to give birth to white boys that would increase the country’s population (Soldatic K., 2015).

The 1970 policy to restrict non-whites from entering the country was not effective as many Asians entered Australia, making it multicultural (Armillei R. and Mascitelli B., 2017).

Slowly, the law against non-Europeans was abolished. Non-Europeans were permitted to settle permanently in Australia under some restrictions.

In 1966, the restriction on Asian immigrants was lifted (Armillei R. and Mascitelli B., 2017).

The multicultural policy replaced the White Australia Policy in 1973.

The increase in Chinese and other Asian immigration changed the country’s demographics in the latter 20th century.

The number of Italian and European immigrants declined after 1970. This was due to the fact that Italy and Europe changed their financial situation and people stopped looking for work outside their home country.

The slogan “Populate or Perish” was mostly fulfilled by European migrants who were the major drivers of Australia’s population growth and diversity.

Australia is known as the multicultural country, since it allowed people from different cultures to settle in Australia.

Racial discrimination and racism remained high in Australia due to its cultural diversity. However, cultural diversity played an important role in the growth and development of Australian economy.

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